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School of International Liberal Studies


Jakarta, Indonesia


I enjoy visiting art exhibitions, trying foods from various countries, reading novels, and wandering around without direction. I’m also obsessed with ice cream, coffee, skincare, TV series, and last but not least, Taylor Swift.

Why did you apply to become an SSL?

I decided to join ICC because I was looking for a place that can fully accept me for who I am. I joined ICC during my first semester in Waseda. At that time, I had lots of insecurities with my identity as a Muslim with hijab in a foreign country. Living as a minority is hard but living as a minority that stands out in the crowd is even harder. I felt like I did not belong anywhere until I found out about ICC and I was fascinated by its continuous effort in promoting cultural understanding and normalizing diversity.

What does working as an SSL mean to you? Please share your thoughts on diversity or intercultural communication.

One student once told me that my presence in ICC boosted her confidence and inspired her to accept herself and embrace her identity. That one sentence really touched me because I realized how empowering it is to instill confidence in others by simply being confident in my own skin and identity. Since then, working as an SSL is no longer only about proving who I am. To me, working at the ICC has become my way of empowering people like me as well as reminding others that we all can shine differently in our own way and still live in harmony as a whole community if we try to see it with an open mind and heart.


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