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Welcome New Students! ICC Online Circle Fair ~Make friends with “Waseda Circles”~ (Sep. 15 ~ Oct. 15)

New students entering in September, welcome to Waseda! 


We’re sure there are a lot of you still staying at your hometown in the countryside or abroad right now. 


Every year, the ICC holds a “Circle Fair” extensively to coincide with the university’s welcome festival, and this year we have decided to hold the event online. Join us, network with current, new and international students to make your Waseda University life more fulfilling. 


There are a huge number of unique circles here at Waseda. 


This year, due to the spread of the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) there have been strict limits on circle activities, however many are finding ways to do their activities positively even in this situation.  


For those international students who want to try out a Japanese university’s circle activities or make new friends, there are many circles that especially welcome international students. 


And for those 1st years who missed the chance to join a circle in April, and those in 2nd year and above who want to make some new friends, it’s not too late! 


If there is a circle at the event you are interested in, please do contact them directly. We’re here to support you in making your campus life even better! 



The ICC cannot answer questions about the information posted by circles. 


If you would like to try out / join a circle, or have a question, please contact the circle directly. 




Information posted from Sep. 15th 2020 (Tue.) until Oct. 15th 2020 (Thu.).  




Waseda students 




Not required 



【Participating Circles】  

SILS Music Club

・ Waseda Symphony Orchestra Tokyo (Only in Japanese)

Koto’s Club

・ Waseda University Radio Communication Club (WRCC)

Ching-dong music performance club

Paddy Fielders’ Tea Party

Guitar Club


Waseda Salsa Party

Chinese Language Club

Waseda American football club REVELS

Kochikukai (Only supplementary document in English)

Waseda International Festival

 Model United Nations Waseda branch (Only in Japanese)

Waseda Mountain Bike Club WFR


European Horizons Waseda

Interim Waseda Students for Ashinaga

*More circles may be added later.


【Co-Host】 Waseda University Student Affairs Division  


【Enquiries: ICC  Tel. 03-5286-3990   E-mail: [email protected] 

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