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【To be Postponed】 ICC Field Trip: “SONA AREA TOKYO” Disaster Prevention Experience Tour -Can you Survive the Tokyo Direct-hit Earthquake?- (New Date TBD)


What would you do if there was suddenly a massive earthquake right now?

During a huge disaster, it is said that it would take the country’s rescue services at least 72 hours to arrange aid and support to affected people. In this case, what should you bring with you when you escape? Do you know the way to the evacuation areas? How do you get in contact with family and friends? How do you survive in an evacuation area?
If you think about it seriously, there are so many things that are not well known.
Could you survive for those 72 hours by yourself?

If you are feeling unsure right now, then there is a place in Odaiba where you can experience and practice disaster preparation; “Sona Area Tokyo”.
The centrepiece of this event “Tokyo Direct-hit Earthquake 72 Hour Tour” is a tour recreating a disaster and evacuation area in actual size where you can simulate an escape from an actual disaster while answering quiz questions about what to do. Also there will be a specialist guide advising us about the effects a large earthquake hitting Tokyo would have as well as how to evacuate in case of a tsunami etc.
There will also be displays and videos full of content related to how to deal with various disasters.
And there will even be some disaster emergency goods for you to take home too!

As the facility is within walking distance of Odaiba you can also go around Odaiba together with your new friends after the event is finished and get to know each other better.

– So if you think earthquakes and tsunami are scary but you’re not sure how to prepare for them.
– If you’ve just entered Waseda and are looking for new friends!

Do come along and take part in our field trip, we’re waiting for your application now!



1. “Tokyo Direct-hit Earthquake 72 Hour Tour” (Disaster prevention experience program using tablet PC): 30 min.
2. Display area tour: 30 min.
3. “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Tokyo Direct-hit Earthquake 72 Hours-” Animation: 30min.
(Afterwards you are free to look around the facility as you like until 3:30PM.)

Date & Time

June 27th 2020 (Sat.) 10:55AM – 12:40PM (Meet up at 10:40AM)

Meeting Place & Time

10:40AM  In front of the main entrance of SONA AREA TOKYO in The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park (4 min. walk from Rinkai Line Kokusai Tenjijo Sta. or 2min. from Yurikamome Line Ariake Sta.)




Waseda Students


MC in English and Japanese. Guided Tour in simple Japanese. (English explanations available). Free amongst participants.


Free. *Please pay the travel cost to the meeting place by yourself. (Reference: Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Sta. – Rinkai Line Kokusai Tenjijo Sta. 514 yen one way. Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Sta. – Yurikamome Line Ariake Sta. 450 yen one way.)


Required: Please apply via MyWaseda.


June 22nd (Mon) 9:00AM


40 people (If there are a large number of applications a lottery will be held to decide participants. Results announced on the deadline day via email.)


This event includes a disaster prevention tour experience. If you have had traumatic experiences in the past or feel you may be affected by such things, please think carefully before signing up.


After the results are announced cancellation is not acceptable. Please check your schedule carefully before applying.

Cancellation Policy


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Thu, 12 Mar 2020

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