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ICC Tea Party: Welcome to the ICC! Enjoy making new friends over tea! ~With the introduction of different countries’ tea cultures by the ICC’s international student staff~(Mar 23)


A Tea Party invitation letter from the ICC!

Dear new students, welcome to Waseda University!

Here is a special theme cafe at the ICC lounge (1F, Bld. 3)! The international student staff of ICC will introduce their home country’s tea culture, followed by a discussion cafe. We will also prepare the tea introduced in the presentations and some snacks for you. Feel free to join, make more new friends at the beginning of the new semester, and learn more about different tea cultures around the world!

Date & Time

March 23rd (Mon) 3:30pm-4:30pm


ICC Lounge (1st floor, Building 3)


Waseda students & staff


MC (English & Japanese), Presentation (English), Cafe (Free)




Not required

★Here are the comments from the staff members!

Hi! This is Hanna and I was born in Taiwan.
I am sure all most of you guys know about bubble tea aka bbt.
Do you know its originated from Taiwan?
There are so many kinds of tea to begin with…
But today! I will introduce you to Alisan Jin Xuan Tea,
also known as “Milk Ooolong” 🙂


Hello everyone! I’m Waka.
I will be introducing Japanese tea, especially Matcha!
Matcha is not only a popular drink.
It’s actually included in a variety of dishes too!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at this event!



Halo semuanya! My name is Miyuki.
Don’t get fooled by my name that sounds Japanese,
because I’m actually Indonesian.
I’ll introduce teh poci from Indonesia
and talk about how Indonesians enjoy tea.
See you at ICC Tea Party!


Hello! This is Qimo from China.
Speak of Chinese tea, maybe you will think oolong tea immediately,
but this is time I want to introduce
a kind of green tea produced in my hometown,
called “Longjing(Dragon well).”




Xin chao! My name is Pham from Vietnam!
I am going to introduce Vietnamese tea.
Let’s have fun together at ICC Tea Party!






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E-mail: [email protected]

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ICC Lounge (1st floor, Building 3)


Fri, 14 Feb 2020

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