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ICC Lounge will reopen (September 25th to October 31st, 2020)

From September 25th, the ICC Lounge will reopen on weekdays between 11:00am and 3:00pm.
Please refer to the calendar below for details.

Furthermore, in order to combat the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), there will be limits on the usage of the ICC Lounge.
Please see the “Notices and Usage Procedure” section below for details.

You can find the latest information on the ICC website.

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Notices for Usage of the ICC Lounge
  1. Users must be Waseda University students (must have a student ID card).
  2. People with fever or who are feeling unwell cannot use the lounge.
    → Those with a temperature of 37.5 Celsius and above (or more than 1 degree above normal),
    who have a cough or symptoms of a cold, those who are unwell (with fatigue, shortness of breath etc.).
  3. Please maintain social distancing while using the lounge.
    → Particularly if you suspect that someone you live with or a relation has been infected.
  4. Those who have recently returned from certain countries or regions cannot use the lounge for the time being.
    →If you have returned from a country or region on the Japanese government list of restricted destinations,
    or that requires that you undergo a period of observation and isolation after entry, or have come into close contact
    with a person who ordinarily resides in such a region or country within the previous 14 days.
  5. Moving seats within the lounge is prohibited.
  6. Please bring your own face mask and wear it at all times.
  7. You cannot eat or drink in the lounge.
  8. Please do not talk loudly or shout.
  9. A maximum of 6 people can use the lounge at the same time. You cannot use the lounge if it is full.
  10. Please refrain from using the lounge for a long time (over 3 hours).
Usage Procedure
  1. Please use the hand sanitizer when you enter the lounge.
  2. Please check and follow all the Notices and Usage Procedures,
  3. Please wear a mask.
  4. Staff will check your temperature using a non-contact sensor.
  5. Scan your student ID card in the card reader. (Entry)

    Please sit in your assigned seat and begin using the lounge.
  6. After you have finished, please wipe the desk and seat you used with an alcohol wipe.
  7. Scan your student ID card in the card reader. (Exit)

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