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【For Students】Waseda University ICC Introduction Presentation


ICC Promotion Video (2016)
Program title:ICC International Film “I-FILM” ProjectProduced: July, 2014Music credits are as follows:
– “Jab” from
– “Gun fire” from
– “Phone Vibrating” from
– “Barreta M9 Sounds” from
– “Veloma” by Fabrizio_Paterlini from
– “Flowers” by Émilie Simon from
– “11 strANGE Ls” by Mark Neil from
– “Destroyer” from
– “Evolution” from
Program title: ICC International Student Karaoke ContestProduced: June 25, 201412 finalists were chosen from 51 entries to compete in the grand final and they all stunned the audience with their amazing voices!
This is a clip of the International Student Finalists singing the School Song.
Program title: Outreach ProgramProduced: February 2013The Outreach Program pairs international and Japanese students from Waseda University together to create a lesson plan and then teach a cross-cultural understanding class to elementary, junior high or senior high school students.
This video gives a general introduction to the program as well as an explanation of what it entails beginning with class preparation right up to the actual teaching day. You’ll also hear from some past participants.
Program title: Global 30 Featured on Manabiya Special Edition (March 1, 2013) Waseda PortionProduced: March 201313 universities were featured in the television program “Manabi-ya: Global 30” on the Japan International Broadcasting Network (JIB).
This is an excerpt showing the Waseda University International Community Center (ICC).
Event title:Student Seminar on MulticulturalismProduced : January 2011Video report on multiculturalism at Waseda University.
Presented at the Student Forum on Multiculturalism at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU).
16 seminar members spent four months researching various aspects of multiculturalism, including the state of multiculturalism at Waseda.
Project title:Work Cup 〜Work Values around the World〜Produced: December, 200935 student participants have formed 7 multilingual teams to delve into the work and labor situations of selected countries around the world, compiling their research into short video reports.
(Featured countries : China, France, Iran, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and the USA.)
  Event title:No-border Camp in OKINAWAShooting date:February 9 – 13, 2009Time:59 seconds

The rules: don’t ask or share your real name, department or age. Various activities and discussions were held during this camp on the topics of nationality and identity.


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