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Support Guide for LGBTQ Students Ver.2

Support Guide for LGBTQ Students Ver.2 (2021/01/22 revised)

In 2017, Waseda University announced the Waseda University Promotion of Diversity Declaration, aiming at creating an environment that brings out students’ full potential and allows them to display their individuality regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Gender and Sexuality Center was launched in April of the same year. The Center provides advice, support, education, and events on sexual minorities as well as gender and sexuality-related topics in general. With focus on the Gender and Sexuality Center, this guide introduces Waseda University’s initiatives and measures in reducing the difficulties which sexual minority students face in student life.

The first version of Support Guide for Sexual Minority Students was released in March, 2018, in which mainly clarify the process of counseling, the management of the name and gender information of transgender students, information about student life including regular health checkups and the facilities at Waseda University Seminar Houses. However, according to the contents of the counseling at the GS Center, there remains many problems not covered in the first edition.

In this new edition, we add the approach of dealing with problems during practical training (for example, teaching practicum) outside of Waseda University and job hunting process on the base of providing more detailed information of current situation at Waseda University. Besides that, this guide also summarizes the approach of supporting international students who are easily isolated on campus as well as students with disabilities while being sexual minority.

Gender and Sexuality Center is provide a home ground and free space for those in the LGBTQ community and its Allies.
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