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Service and Support


Support at the Center

  • The Center staff will respond and provide answers to questions concerning gender/sexuality issues, to the best of their abilities.
  • The Center staff will listen to problems, worries, and feelings of discomfort that students may have and respond to the best of their abilities. (The privacy of the students will be protected.)

The Center also welcomes requests for information and for introductions to other organizations that specialize in gender/sexuality issues.


The Center will hold study groups on gender/sexuality topics and tea-time gatherings to discuss various issues. It will also organize collaborative events with student societies and other organizations on campus. Please check our homepage for details. We look forward to seeing you at the Center.

Providing Resources

We have abundant books related to gender and sexuality in order to raise the university’s awareness regarding sexual minorities. We also have comics. You are welcome to drop by just to read them. The book list will be constantly updated.

What is the Center?

The Gender and Sexuality Center is a space that was established to allow students to learn, consult, or acquire information about gender and sexuality.

Talk about your concerns/problems

If you have questions regarding gender and sexuality, please feel free to ask our staffs.

Check our social media for temporary closure

Our Center will occasionally close temporarily for meetings, etc. Please check our Twitter account to find out what time the Center will be open.

Use it for your clubs/circles and meetings

If you book it in advance, you can use the Center as a group if your group is related to Gender and Sexuality.

We have an array of books/magazines/DVDs and free computers

We would like to ask you to use the aforementioned items within the Center. If you would like to borrow the books or would like to watch the DVDs, please inform a nearby staff. You will not be permitted to borrow the magazines.

Indoor Map

What can I do?

Individual Counseling

Feel free to ask the faculties and staffs anything related to gender and sexual orientation diversity. Currently for students only service.

There is a specialized staff member who can speak English (at the everyday conversation level) at GS center, but depending on the content of the counseling, this might become difficult to respond due to the lack of English proficiency of the staff. Please apply for counseling using the form below. Depending on the content, we will decide whether we will offer (1) counseling in person (2) counseling via email.

Gender and Sexuality Center Individual Counseling Appointment

You can feel free to consult anything regarding gender and sexuality.

If you have harassment issues or want our advice for counseling, we can connect you with professionals.

In case you would like to seek advice from a professional (via different counter)

In case you would like to be connected with professionals in seeking advice, we have a different counter so we can protect your privacy.

  1. Health Support Center: We have clinical psychotherapists at our Student Counseling Room in the Health Support Center who will help you.
  2. Harassment Prevention Office: You may anonymously consult with the Waseda University Harassment Prevention Office via letter, telephone, fax or e-mail. You may also first anonymously reach out to us before you decide that you want a serious counseling.

Faculties in charge of counseling

Check the Specialists workdays.

Counseling Procedure

  1. Enter the Center and receive a “visitor’s paper” from the student staff
  2. Put a check mark next to the “3. To consult a professional staff on gender and sexuality issues” and write what you would like to consult about
  3. Give the paper back to the student staff, and the professional staff will guide you to a booth
  4. Consult with the professional staff
  5. The Center will cooperate with other organizations/groups in the university depending on the content and under your consent

Use it as a safe space/home ground

Please feel free to use the community space. You can chat, eat, study, or do anything else. Please keep in mind that there are others who are using the space, too.

Participating in events

The Gender and Sexuality Center will hold study groups on gender/sexuality topics and tea-time gatherings to discuss various issues. It will also organize collaborative events with student societies and other organizations on campus. Please check our homepage, white board and social media for details.

Using the center as a group (TBD)

You may use the center as a group, e.g. your club/circle/workshop/seminar. Please consult with faculties beforehand since we have limited space.



You can watch the DVD on our computers. You can borrow up to 3 books at a time, for maximum 1 week. You are not allowed to borrow our DVDs and magazines.


You can use our PCs to watch DVDs or research things. Please keep in mind that our staffs will be using it, too.


We have a microwave, a refrigerator, a pot, dishes, towels, tea bags and other things in our kitchen that you can use for free. Help yourself, but make sure you keep it clean after you use them.


Yes you can. The Center is available for anyone regardless of their sexuality or concerns. Faculty and staff, members outside the Waseda University community may also join our events, read our books, etc. However, only Waseda University students can individually consult with our staff members.

Since our Center is available to anyone regardless of their sexuality, visiting our Center will not make you out. If you do not feel like talking with other users, we recommend you to use our library space where talking is prohibited. If you are concerned about visiting our Center, you can also contact us via e-mail or phone.

According to the university principles, we will handle your privacy information with extra care so it will not inconvenience you.

We have English-speaking staffs who will be able to support you. If they would like to consult with our staffs or participate in events, we recommend you to contact us in advance.

You may consult with the Center anything regarding gender and sexuality. We sometimes cooperate with the student counseling room in the Health Support Center or Harassment Prevention Office if necessary.

Gender and Sexuality Center is provide a home ground and free space for those in the LGBTQ community and its Allies.
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