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Below are in-campus and off-campus clubs/circles and organizations that are related to the Waseda University Gender and Sexuality Center.

  • GLOW Organizes an event every month, and aside from that organizes discussion meetings over sexualities, makes and performs a play in the Waseda festival and makes free magazines.
  • ReBit Organizes events and visits schools/companies/organizations to hold classes related to gender and sexuality, in a bid to create a society where all children including LGBT queers could be the way they are.
  • qoon Proposing and organizing events based on a “fun to know and lot to learn” concept.

If you wish to have your organization/company listed on our website, we will do so in accordance with our university rules and regulations, so please contact us. The listed websites may be in Japanese.

Gender and Sexuality Center is provide a home ground and free space for those in the LGBTQ community and its Allies.
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