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Undergraduate Student

The Physical Education (Sports) requirement for teacher certification can be met by earning at least two credits of sports coursework at level I or level II. This means that you can meet the requirement by passing two different sports courses at level I.
Incidentally, we strongly recommend completing these courses in your first or second year. Each year we hear about fourth-year students who run into trouble completing the required course credits because they were unable to get into a required course or unable to complete it after they enrolled.
If you wish to obtain teacher certification but suffer from a disability or chronic condition that makes it difficult for you to complete the required sports credits, please inquire at the GEC Toyama Satellite Office prior to course registration and bring official documentation of your condition (medical certificate, etc.).

Undergraduate Student

The University offers “regular student physical examinations.” As an individual health precaution, we strongly recommend that all students undergo this examination before taking part in a sports course.
Students accepted into Swimming, Outdoor Sports 01/02 or Wandervogel are required to submit the results of the University’s regular student physical examination and electrocardiogram (scheduled on separate days), dated no earlier than the Academic Year for which they are registered.* If you are enrolled in one of these courses, submit a copy of your Personal Health Card, including the results of the electrocardiogram, to your course instructor after classes begin. Students wishing to have the examination and test performed at an off-campus health care facility should pick up a health form at the GEC Toyama Satellite Office and have it filled in and signed by the health-care facility performing the examination.
Any student registered in Swimming, Outdoor Sports 01/02, or Wandervogel who has not undergone both a physical examination and electrocardiogram by the time the university’s electrocardiogram testing period is over will be barred from the course.
Students enrolled in more than one of the abovementioned sports courses (Swimming, Outdoor Sports 01/02, and Wandervogel) simultaneously should submit a copy of their Personal Health Card to each course instructor.<
*Students in Swimming, Outdoor Sports 01/02, or Wandervogel need to undergo both the regular student physical examination and the electrocardiogram during the year for which they are registered. Examinations conducted the previous academic year will not be accepted. However, students registering for Swimming in the fall term may submit the results of the examination and electrocardiogram conducted during the spring semester of the same academic year.

Undergraduate Student

Basic __ 01 and Basic __03 are the same course. You cannot register for Basic __ 03 because you have already taken that course. If you wish, you can register for Applied __ 01, which is a different course.

Undergraduate Student

You cannot get a student rail pass between campuses, but you can save money by purchasing a round-trip multi-trip card between Takadanobaba and Higashifushimi stations (280 yen per round-trip, as compared with 460 yen for regularly priced tickets). These can be purchased at the Waseda Co-op stores on the Waseda, Toyama, Nishiwaseda, and Tokorozawa campuses, and we recommend them highly. Round-trip multi-trip cards between Takadanobaba and Kotesashi stations are also available for purchase at all of the abovementioned campuses except Nishiwaseda.
The rail trip between Tadanobaba Station and Higashifushimi Station is about 25 minutes. To be on the safe side, the online registration system is programmed to allow no less than 50 minutes between classes on the Higashifushimi and Waseda campuses.

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