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About Extension for MEXT scholarship

The guideline for MEXT scholarship extension has been announced by the MEXT! Students who wish to apply for scholarship extension; please download all the files below, following the instructions in the first file “Instructions to Application for MEXT Scholarship Extension” to complete all necessary documents and submit to the Center for International Education (CIE) office before the deadline(8th December).

  1. Instructions to Application for MEXT Scholarship Extension  <JPN> <ENG
  2. 延長申請書A (非正規生) Extension Form A (Non-degree student) 
  3. 延長申請書A (正規生) Extension Form A (Regular student) 
  4. 延長申請書B (Extension Form B) 
  5. 指導教授への手紙 (Letter to Professor) 

process-en We recommend using computers provided on campus to download and fill in the above files, as the files from out-of-school computers had problems in recent years.

Please also remember to apply for the graduate school entrance exams that you indicated in the Application Form. There are both April and September admissions for regular students; however, most graduate schools only have April admissions. Also, some courses may only have either April or September admissions. Please carefully confirm with the admission guidelines of your desired graduate school or contact them directly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone, or directly visit the CIE office if you have questions on the application procedures.

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