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[CAMPUS Asia] Program Overview of Long Term Study Abroad

(1) Application guide for study abroad

Next recruitment for long term study abroad programs will be held in March to April in 2018. It is for 2018 fall admission or 2019 spring admission. The next application guide will be updated as soon as  information is fixed.

The following application guide is the last one for your information. The requirements for applying will be the same as the last ones.

17fall_CA-Application guide

Name of the application form (the last one):
“キャンパス・アジア長期留学WEB 出願登録/ CAMPUS Asia Long-term Study Abroad Program 2017 Fall Recruitment”

Agreement (Please submit this form during the designated period.)

(2) Scholarship

We will financially support as follows:

  1. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship (For students who have Japanese nationality)
  2. Air tickets (going and returning)

There will be some qualifications and restriction of the number of students.

(3) CAMPUS Asia Courses (at Peking University & Korea University)

In order to complete CAMPUS Asia Program, there are requirements to take at least 1 course while studying abroad (either at Peking University or Korea University, or at both universities)

CAMPUS Asia courses are as follows:

Peking University

  • Chinese Perspectives on International and Global Affairs
  • Chinese Politics and Public Policy
  • China and International Organizations                             etc

(These are tentative. More courses can be taken)

Korea University

  • Courses at Department of Economics(Every ECON Major courses taught in English EXCEPT for the 5 courses: Principles of EconomicsⅠ/Principles of EconomicsⅡ/Microeconomics/Macroeconomics/Statistics for Economists)
  • Courses at Department of Political Science and International Relations(International Politics in Northeast Asia/International Relations of East Asia/East Asian Politics/Southeast Asian Politics)
  • Courses at Department of Public Administration(Economic Analysis of Public Sector/Policy Planning/Urban Management and Policy/Organization Theories)
  • Courses at Department of Statistics(Introduction to Probability Theory/Mathematical Statistics/Regression Analysis)

*These are tentative and subject to change. We will update information once we confirm it.


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