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MEXT Scholarship

Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is accepting applications for government sponsored scholarships for foreign students who are studying Japanese language and culture in Japanese universities. Students planning to enter Waseda’s Japanese Language Program (JLP) who wish to apply for this grant can apply, but the recommendation of their home university is required.

  • Scholarship: 117,000 yen per month (tentative) and travel expenses to and from Japan
  • Period of scholarship: 11 months, from September to July of the following year
  • Application period: Please refer to our email.
  • Eligibility and conditions: Exchange students who plan to enter Waseda’s Japanese Language Program for one year. This scholarship is only available to undergraduate students. For the details, please download the application requirements PDF.

Information for 2017’s admission

Application guide: English / Japanese / Example of Filled-in Form

Application form: Detail / Detail

  • Application method: All necessary documents must be sent by post by the partner university to Waseda’s Center for International Education.
  • Announcement of the results of internal recommendation: Mid to late March (tentative)
  • Announcement of the selection results: June (tentative)

JASSO Student Exchange Support Program -Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan-

This scholarship will be granted to exchange students (undergraduate and graduate students) whose academic performance meets the standard designated by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and who intend to return to their home university after this exchange program to continue their studies or to obtain a degree at their home university. Waseda University will recommend candidates to JASSO and the final selection will be done by JASSO. FAQ about JASSO

  • Scholarship: 80,000 yen per month (tentative)
  • Period of the grant: maximum 11 months
  • Eligibility and conditions
  1. Those who are not of Japanese nationality (status of residence must be “student”)
  2. Those who have demonstrated a history of academic excellence at their home university
  3. For those receiving an exchange program scholarship from another organization, the monthly amount of the grant may not exceed 80,000 yen. Some scholarship organizations do not allow receipt of more than one scholarship, so applicants must take responsibility for confirming such details with the relevant organizations.

There is an internal screening to receive the JASSO scholarship. There are other requirements specified by Waseda to be eligible in addition to those JASSO requirements listed above. The JASSO scholarship application guide will be sent (has been already sent) along with the instructions for online application to the relevant office and/or staff of your university near the starting date of the online application period. Please refer to the application guide for details.

  • Number of selections: Varies by year
  • Application method: State your intention to apply in an Online Application form
  • Announcement of results:  Waseda’s Center for International Education will let partner universities know which of their students who applied for the JASSO scholarship were recommended by Waseda and which were not.  Final decision will be made by JASSO. When we learn the final results (usually at the end of September for autumn admission and at the end of April for spring admission), we will inform the partner universities of who were selected and who were not.


  • The JASSO scholarship is highly competitive, therefore even those students who fulfill the above requirements are not guaranteed to receive a scholarship. Please be aware that we cannot answer any inquiries related to the results of the selection process.
  • Please do not plan your budget based on the assumption that you will receive a scholarship. This scholarship cannot serve as proof of ability to pay expenses in the application for a certificate of eligibility.
  • JASSO scholarship recipients are required to complete and submit the JASSO questionnaire, a report regarding the benefits of the student exchange program and academic transcript documents.
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