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Overview and procedures related to university-wide student exchange programs at Waseda

Partner universities of this program

Important points

  • Some universities do not accept exchanges every year, even though they are partner universities. Please consult with the staff in charge of exchange programs at your home university.
  • For information about the following programs, please visit the sites linked below.
  • Please note that the overview and procedures provided on this page do not apply to partnerships between departments. For such details, please consult with the undergraduate or graduate school of your home university.
  • If your home university is not a partner, some other available programs are listed in the International Admissions Office website

Introduction to Waseda

Please get to know Waseda University!

W-Mentor System

こんにちは!Welcome to Waseda University!

We are W-Mentor team, which supports Waseda University life for exchange students. This team is organized by Sempai volunteers which consists of Japanese and International Waseda students. This group was launched as the result of the proposal at Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition 2017, and it is starting from Fall 2017!

We assume that exchange students will be both excited and worried about their new Waseda life. So, we would like to help you and hope we can enjoy college life together!

In order to relieve some concerns about Waseda life, we created this FAQ paper for exchange students! We will be glad if you look through this and feel excited about your new life! Also, if you still have any concerns that are not listed here, please feel free to ask us from our facebook page (!

Thank you!!

  • Application Form (Registration period 2018/3/22 ~ 2018/4/27 12:00pm)We are afraid we have stopped accepting any more applications because there is no more place available. (04/04/2018)

The application form will be automatically closed after the deadline.

The results of the matching will be emailed to you by W-Mentor (max 40 students).

W-Mentor program will be conducted from April 2018 to the end of Fall 2018  (1 semester)

  • Information Session on the W-Mentor System (2018/4/4 18:30-19:30)

There will be an information session on the W-Mentor System in the Welcome Party. If you are interested, please join us!

We are afraid we cancelled the information session on the W-mentor System since there is no more place available. The Welcome Party itself will be held on 4th April 2018.(04/04/2018)


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