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We have uploaded the below page on January 12, 2018.

Academic Calendar


Waseda University’s timetable is outlined below.

Period Time
1st 9:00-10:30
2nd 10:40-12:10
3rd 13:00-14:30
4th 14:45-16:15
5th 16:30-18:00
6th 18:15-19:45
7th 19:55-21:25


Information on courses offered in all undergraduate and graduate schools at Waseda University can be searched using the Syllabus Search links below.

Syllabus search websites


Not all courses published in the Syllabus Search are open to Exchange Students. Also, please be aware that the information contained in these web sites is subject to change. Some undergraduate and graduate schools publish lists of the courses from last year’s exchange program at Application Requirements and Restrictions


The number of credits you can obtain by taking a course varies; it is, however, usually as follows:

A lecture-style course (90 minutes x 15 times): 2 credits
A Japanese language course (90 minutes x 15 times): 1 credit

Registration rules / Course registration

After you arrive in Japan, there will be briefings about course registration during each school’s academic orientation.

Courses offered to all students, courses offered by other schools

As a rule, Exchange students must select their courses from those offered by the school they will be affiliated with at Waseda. In some cases, you may be permitted to take courses offered to all students or courses offered by other schools as well. Please note that the course list for the following year will be made available in March. These courses are open to all students including general students, so the possibility that you will be selected is quite small. Your study plan should be focused on the courses offered by the school for which you are applying. Undergraduate students cannot take courses intended for graduate students. Graduate students cannot take courses intended for undergraduate students. Official course registration will be done after the program starts.

Global Education Center website

Grading System

Waseda University’s grading system is outlined below.

Numerical Score 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59-0
On grade reports, grades are shown as A+ A B C F
(GPA) (4) (3) (2) (1) (0)
On official transcripts, grades are shown as A+ A B C Not shown
Status Pass Fail

Official Transcripts

Grades will be announced in early March and early September, and official transcripts will be issued and sent to home universities in May or October after the program is completed. If you need an official transcript sooner than this, please submit a request to your undergraduate or graduate school at Waseda. It is also possible to check your grades via MyWaseda.

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