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WINPEC: The 8th Causal Inference and Data Science Seminar

1月23日(木)に予定しております「因果推論とデータ科学」部会の第8回セミナーについてご案内いたします。今年度最後の部会セミナーには、韓国科学技術院の気鋭のコンピューター・サイエンティストでおられるMeeyoung Cha先生にお越しいただき、フェイクニュースの拡散に見るロボットとAIの法的責任に焦点を合わせつつ、近年重要性を増しつつある計算社会科学(computational social science)の分野における研究課題についてご報告いただきます。Cha先生は、Twitter, Youtube, Facebook等、主要なソーシャルネットワークサービスの大規模な構造の分析に取り組んだ先駆的な研究者でおられ、その業績は国際的にも高く評価されています(。今回、早稲田大学で1日23日に開催されるNetSci-X 2020会議で招聘講演を行うために来学されます(。多くの方のご参加をお待ちしております。

We are pleased to announce that the sixth seminar of WINPEC Causal Inference and Data Science Research Group is scheduled on January 23 (Thursday). In the final seminar of this year, Professor Meeyoung Cha, a leading expert of data science at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), will present a set of her recent works in computational social science, with a focus on the spread of fake news and legal liability of robots and AI. She is internationally recognized as one of the first scholars who investigated the large-scale structures of popular Social Networking Services including Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook: She will visit Waseda University as a invited speaker for the conference of NetSci-X 2020( We look forward to your participation. Thank you.


January 23 (Thu) / 1月23日(木)9:00-10:30

Room 710 on the 7th floor, the 3rd Building, Waseda Campus / 早稲田キャンパス3号館7階710号室

Meeyoung Cha (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Institute for Basic Science of Korea)

Meeyoung Cha is an associate professor at the School of Computing in KAIST. Dr. Cha’s research interests are in analyzing complex network systems, including web and social media. Her research in the field of data science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science has gained over 12,000 citations and has received the best paper awards at ACM IMC, ICWSM, etc. Dr. Cha is currently in the editorial board member of PeerJ and ACM Transactions on Social Computing, and she has served as a program co-chair for ICWSM 2015. Dr. Cha has worked at Facebook’s Data Science Team as a Visiting Professor. Currently, she is jointly affiliated with the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Korea as a Chief Investigator.

Current Challenges in Computational Social Science: Fake News and Robot Rights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping business and science. Computational social science is an interdisciplinary field that solves complex societal problems by adopting AI-driven methods, processes, algorithms, and systems on data of various forms. This talk will review some of the latest advances in the research that focuses on fake news and legal liability. I will first discuss the structural, temporal, and linguistic traits of fake news propagation. One emerging challenge here is the increasing use of automated bots to generate and propagate false information. I will also discuss the current issues on the legal liability of AI and robots, particularly on how to regulate them (e.g., moral machine, punishment gap). This talk will suggest new opportunities to tackle these problems.


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WINPEC Research Group “Causal Inference and Data Science”/現代政治経済研究所「因果推論とデータ科学」研究部会

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