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Job Hunting Handbook

The Job-Hunting Handbook provides you with useful and necessary information for job-hunting in Japan. You are able to read it by the following ways:

-Receiving a booklet from Waseda University Career Center.
-Watching via Waseda Moodle (Choose the course entitled “キャリアセンター提供セミナー”→”For international students 外国人留学生向けコンテンツ”→”Guidebooks”).
-Clicking the following contents list available in PDF format.

Job-Hunting Handbook for international students

【Contents List】

1. Career Center Services

1-1 Job Hunting Flowchart for Waseda Students
1-2 Individual Consultation
1-3 Events
1-4 E Newsletter for International Students
1-5 Register Your Post Graduation Plans

2. Before You Begin Job Hunting

2-1 Why Japanese Corporations Employ International Students
2-2 Characteristics of Job Hunting in Japan

2-3 Career Advancement in Japanese Companies
2-4 The Importance of Japanese Language Skill
2-5 Visa Matters
2-6 Organizations and Agencies Supporting Job Hunting

3. Job Hunting Schedule

3-1 Basic Job Hunting Schedule
3-2 Job Hunting Schedule for September Enrolled Students

4. Work To Be Done

4-1 Self Analysis & Understanding
4-2 Broadening Your Company and Industry Knowledge
4-3 Methods to Research Industries, Corporations & Types of Businesses
4-4 Alumni Visits
4-5 Recruitment Resources on MyWaseda
4-6 Japanese Rirekisyo and Entry Sheet
4-7 English Cover Letters and Resumes
4-8 Business Manners
4-9 Interview Preparations
4-10 Sample of E mail Communicating with Company
4-11 Written Test ・ Online Test ・ Test Center

5. Determining Your Career Choice

5-1 After Receiving a Job Offer
5-2 Be Sincere When Turning Down an Offer

5-3 Career Path Determination Report
5-4 Transcripts & Certificate of Expected Graduation
5-5 Certificate of Medical Examination
5-6 Advising New Job Seekers

6. Internships

6-1 Internship Programs for Waseda Students
6-2 Credit Transfer

7. Data & Information

7-1 Career Path after Graduation of International Students 2019 78
7-2 My Job Hunting Experience in Japan
7-3 Caution

8. Appendix

8-1 Use of Polite Japanese
8-2 Job Hunting FAQ


We are offering to the data of International Students Career Path here. Please kindly refer them as necessary.

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