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Design your life at Waseda

Design your life at Waseda with “knowledge” and “experience”!

For 1st and 2nd grade students, university life is not only for earning knowledge! The first and second years are the important phase of making your “base” while planning your Waseda life and beyond graduation.

To enrich your base, we have prepared varieties of stages and possibilities for you at Waseda University! Please take these chances while you are a freshman, then grow greatly and broaden your skills and abilities.

“Studying” is the most important part of your student life. You need to focus on studying at your School. Through taking classes, you encounter problems currently occurred in public. To know these things, it is to earn knowledge.

Then, please think logically why these problems are happened, how we solve them. You will face many problems once you graduate and start working. There you are forced to solve them by thinking logically. To do so, you need the skill of “logical thinking.”

Next, it is important to actually use the knowledge and thinking skills acquired through academic work through “social experience”. For example, go to the site where the problem is happening and participate in volunteer activities, “Study abroad, cross-cultural exchange,” “cooperation with fellow members in club activities, and achieve goals.” Knowledge and thinking have meaning only when they are put to practical use in relation to society. In addition, there are also new knowledge and problems and issues that can be acquired just because you put yourself in the field, and the process of searching for a solution will also strengthen your thinking ability.

At Waseda University, there are many programs for developing knowledge and thinking skills, and programs for acquiring social experience. Extracurricular activities are also active, and the number of clubs is more than 600 even for authorized ones. If you look for a suitable one, you will find many places to respond to your will. But as long as you are passive, you will not have the opportunity to grow.
What do you want to be in your student life and what do you need to do-ask yourself now. Choose your own field based on the answer and gain lots of knowledge and experience. As you build a foundation for the future while combining them freely, you should see the “oneself” with only one strength.

Career plan & Life plan

Getting a job is not a goal of your life

Career choice is not all about finding a job in a company. There can be a variety of course choices. Also, even if you get a job at a company, that is not the goal. In order for you to have a satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling day, it is not important what you work for and how you work for it. Develop your own future while clarifying the meaning of working within yourself. In other words, “knowledge,” “thinking power,” and “experience” are in a mutually reinforcing relationship, and by accumulating these, one’s “base” for the future is set.

If you have already determined your career/ life plan

If you are already clear about your career and the profession you want to do, please work towards it.
In particular, for some occupations requiring qualifications or examinations (National Public Workers General Examination, Legal Examination, Certified Public Accountant Examination, etc.), it is advantageous to prepare early.


Design your future guidebook
(gathered useful projects/seminars to enrich your student life)







PDF version is here.
Please get “Design your future guidebook” at the Career Center or your school office first and discover what draw your attention and interest. Join some programs to enrich your student life!


E-news letter

We issue e-news letter twice a month in which we inform our career related events and useful job-hunting tips. Our e-news letter is in English and in Japanese. Please register for our mail magazine in the following procedure.

How to register for career mail magazine

Registration via email ([email protected]).
*Our mail magazine in English also includes Japanese explanation as well.
Example of email request:

Title: English career mail magazine registration request

Dear career center,
My name is XXXXX, from School of Law.
I would like to register for career mail magazine.Name: XXXXX
Student ID: 1BZZZZZ
Waseda mail: [email protected]Best regards,

How to stop receiving the mail magazine

Those who wish to stop receiving our mail magazine, please email ([email protected]) us with the following information:
-Title: “Stop receiving English career mail magazine request”
-Message:Your name, student ID #, “waseda.jp” email address


Career center’s official twitter account is “waseda_univ_CC.”  Please be aware of other fake accounts under the name of Weseda University career center.

We do not own an official facebook account.

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