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Basically, the same skills and abilities possessed by Japanese students are required of the international students. Besides basic academic and specialized skills, fundamental social skills, such as efficiency, being motivated, practice teamwork, positive attitude, etc. are equally important. Certain skills are expected of international students to a different degree that meets the requirements of positions and type of duties.

1. Japanese Language proficiency

Almost all Japanese corporations consider Japanese language skills a must. Business-level proficiency is generally required of regular full-time employees working in Japan. Employees assigned to work at local subsidiary must also be able to communicate proficiently in Japanese to fulfill responsibilities as an intermediary.

Many employment examinations are given entirely in Japanese and equally to Japanese and international students. First, do aim to pass N1 Level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and later to master Business Japanese. Beside your mother tongue and Japanese, acquisition of another foreign language, preferably English, will probably give you an upper hand in your job-hunting process.

2. Cross-cultural adaptability

Japanese corporations seek individuals who understand and have adaptability toward the Japanese way of thinking, sensibility, daily customs, and business manners. But it does not mean you should not exercise your own creativity and individuality.

3. Specialized knowledge and skills

Bear in mind that the marketability of international students depends in a large part on their specialized knowledge and skills. Since the desired level of such knowledge and skills differs from company to company, please do not hesitate to make contact with companies of your interest.

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