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Receiving a job offer

Career Path Determination Report(Shinro-hokoku)

Once you have accepted a job offer, or plan to further your studies, or remain undecided even upon graduation, please update your graduation record on MyWaseda before you graduate. This graduation record is used for statistic data for Japanese government as well as a good data for new job-seekers of Waseda University.

*For those who you are struggling with job-hunting, please come to the career center for individual consultation. We are waiting for you!

Update your graduation record through “MyWaseda”

※Please refer here for Ph.D students.

  1. Logn in to MyWaseda with your ID and password, and fill our the application form form through career compus and fill out the career path determination record.
  2. Please print out what you have reported in 1 and submit it your school office, when you fill out the form within 1 week before the graduation ceremony.
  3. Questionnaire and report are not mandatory, yet we kindly ask you to write them for new job seekers.
  4. If you have problems filling out the form, you may submit it by paper. Please visit your faculty office for inquiry or come to the career center.
  • Those whose career path is other than working (like part-time job, further studies, studying abroad, preparation for test/certification, returning to your career, etc) need also to report the career path.
  • If you extend your study at Waseda (留年), please report so.
  • If you determine your career path after reporting as “undecided,” please update the record. You may update the record as many as you need.

Advising for New Job-Seekers

For full-time students who have received official job offers, the Career Center would greatly appreciate if you could contribute to the followings:

-Sharing your job-hunting experiences with our junior students by writing a career report for our publication such as ‘Job Hunting Hand Book’ and ‘Design Your Future Guidebook’.
-Joining us in some of our seminars, to speak directly with new job-seekers.
-Be a student career adviser (volunteer to advice for new job seekers at the career center)

Please email ([email protected]) us if you are willing to contribute for new job-seekers!

Turning Down an Offer

A job offer is basically a de facto agreement that a company will take on said student as an employee after his/her graduation. Socially this is a serious matter and deserves to be handled.

  • Make sure to turn down companies in a polite. With courtesy and trustworthiness, express your gratitude to the offer and apologize for your decision to decline it.
  • In case you tell your decision to them in the condition of being impending graduation, please note that you may visit them and apologize for your decision to decline it directly.
  • Start with a phone call to the relevant person since he/she doesn’t notice your email if it is sent to his/her spam folder.

Certificate issuance

When you receive a job offer, you may be asked to submit the following documents to the company:

-Certificates of expected graduation
-Health checkup reports
-Career recommendation letters

Please refer to the following webpage for the detail information.

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