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Job-Hunting Process

Recruitment Schedule

The general recruitment schedule starts from fall.

Starting seminar

Step 1 Join the career starting seminar

In the “Job Hunting Starting Seminar” sponsored by the Career center, we provide basic information such as the status of employment for Waseda university students, the flow of job hunting activities, the actual conditions surrounding job hunting students, and how to proceed with activities.
In order to be able to start job hunting at any time, the year is divided into two terms, and the contents correspond to each period. If you are interested in job hunting, join early. The same content is in the same term.


Step 2 Get Career Handbook

It contains basic information related to job hunting activities, such as the flow of job hunting activities and the use of career centers. We distribute at job hunting start course and various support events, career center. It also contains course information and tools uniq ue to Waseda University, so be sure to get it. (Can be viewed from Course N @ vi → “Career and Employment Support Course (20 ×× Enrolled Students)”)

Career Path Registration

Step 3 Career Path Registration

It is a legally necessary procedure stipulated in the Employment Security Act when conducting job hunting activities. If you are looking for a job, please be sure to register.

Career Support

Step 4 Career Support

Career center have the following services for those who eager to find a job.


Please click here to see some Events.

Individual Consultation

Please visit the Individual consultation page for detail.

Mywaseda “Career Compus”

Company / job information inquiry: You can view job information from companies / groups, OB / OG list, and actual results.
Job hunting experience notes: You can view job hunting experiences, job hunting schedules, and selection methods for seniors in each company.
Pre-registration event booking

Course [email protected]

All Waseda degree seeking students are able to watch past career seminars and events through Course [email protected]

Guidebooks & Mail Magazine & Twitter

Career guidebook (AY2019・2020)
Internship guidebook (Japanese only)
Mail magazine

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