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WIN Internship Project

Courses Business, Governance, International Relations, Mass Media
Eligibility Full-Time Undergraduates
*Japanese language is required.
Application Pre-entry at the Internship Office
Selection Process Document Screening and Interview
Classes & Lectures Saturdays, Period 4 and 5
Students must participate in all seminars and report meetings.
This is a six-month long project.
Application Forms Please refer to attached files.
Credits TWO (for the semester AFTER the completion of internship )
*Ten (10) Working Days
  1. Additional course registration is not required. Interested students must complete the pre-entry application during the designated registration periods. Please note that you may need to submit a different course registration form at your school office in order for you to have your credit count toward graduation. Please consult your school directly.
  2. Classes and lectures will be conducted in the spring and fall semesters. Participants who fail to attend these classes are required to view the DVD recordings, but it will not count toward attendance.
  3. Participating internship organizations/ companies will vary from year to year. Do note that even if one should be selected by the university to attend a specific internship, the final decision to accept or reject a recommendation will lie with the hosting organization.
  4. All interns are required to be insured under the University Insurance Scheme, and the premiums will be borne by the University. Students who are participating in any overseas internships must partake in other insurance schemes, may it be one required by the hosting organization and/ or the University. Students are responsible for all payable premiums.
  5. Overseas Internship – No financial grants from the University. Students are responsible for all costs including travelling costs (flights and local travels), accommodation and all other personal expenses, so do plan carefully in advance.

Flow of Events 2018

(Updated March 22, 2018)


  • April 21 (Saturday) – Internship Guidance (including WIN & General Information)
    Period 4 & 5


  • May 8/ 9 – Course Orientation
  • <Business 5/8, Governance 5/8, International Cooperation 5/9, Mass Media 5/9>
  • May 9-14 : Pre-Entry Application for Business & Governance (MyWaseda)
  • May 10 -15 : Pre-Entry Application for International Cooperation & Mass Media (MyWaseda) *NO late application will be accepted.
  • May 19 (Saturday) – Interviews: Governance, Business, International Cooperation & Mass Media Period 4, 5, 6
  • May 26 (Saturday, Period 4) – Seminar on Career Plan & Intership
  • May 26 (Saturday, Period 5) – Seminar on Writing Business Letter and Entry Sheet (Application Form)


  • June – Document Screening by Internship Organisations
  • June 9 (Saturday, Period 4) – Course Lecture
  • June 9 (Saturday, Period 5) – Seminar on Group Management Presentation Skills I
  • June 23 (Saturday, Period 4) – Orientation II
  • June 23 (Saturday, Period 5) – Manner & Risk Management Seminar


  • July 7 (Saturday, Period 4) – Seminar on Group Management Presentation Skills II
  • July 21 (Saturday) – Submission Deadline for Internship Plans


  • August 3 – September 20 – Internship Period


  • September 29 (Saturday) – Internship Report Presentation for Governance & Business (Period 4 & 5)
  • October 6 (Saturday) – Internship Report Presentation for International Cooperation & Mass Media (Period 4 & 5)
  • October 20 – Follow-Up Seminar (Period 4 & 5)

Next Spring

  • March 2019 – Release of Results
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