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Why Internships

WASEDA University has been aiming to become a “Global University”. Every year, the intake of international students increases by about 10%. Now, the University hosts over 7,100. The number of such students visiting the Career Center, inquiring about and seeking internships is also on the rise. To further the understanding of what work life is like in Japanese companies and Multinational companies in Japan, the Career Center is seeking potential corporate partners (bilingual – Japanese & English, and/ or English only) to join our community of existing internship collaborations.

What is Internship?

Internship is vital to a well-rounded tertiary education. The Career Center aims to provide internship opportunities for our students to learn “on-the-job”, before they step foot into society. Through these hands-on and practical activities, the Career Center hopes that the students will be further motivated in their studies, become even more focused in their quest for knowledge and problem-solving, and to take this opportunity to plan for their future.

Points to Note

  • At least five working days. It should not be confused with a part-time job. It must not be related to any recruitment drives or direct job offer.
  • Students will apply directly to the hosting internship organizations. The Career Center is not responsible in mailing the applications to the hosts.

1.Submitting Internship Application Notification

In Japanese

Please register on the UniCareer, our internet recruitment notification system.

To register, please click on

In order to access the UniCareer recruitment notification system, an ID and a password are required. New corporate partners may apply for an ID and a password by accessing the UniCareer website. Corporate partners with the required ID and password may proceed to select WASEDA University, and upload your notices. This service is free-of-charge.

For enquiries, please contact –
Sales Promotions Department <Eigyo Suishin Bu>
2-15-1, Koraku, Bunkyo-Ku
Tokyo 112-8515

In English

For corporations seeking staff for overseas operations and global companies seeking new recruits for domestic Japanese businesses, please send the internship notifications in English to the following email address.
*Please send it as an attachment. There is no designated format to the layout of notice.

2.List of Internship Participants

Please kindly furnish the WASEDA University Career Center with a list of participants, if any, once the internship is completed. The data is for internal use only. All internship organizations will also receive a copy of the internship reports.

3.Insurance Coverage

All students at WASEDA University are bound by the regulations of the University, to be insured when they take part in internship programs recognized by the University and the Career Center.
Please do note that ALL students at WASEDA University are covered under the WASEDA University Student Insurance Scheme (with limits to liabilities) at the point of admissions (Gaku-Sho-Ho 学傷補). The premiums are borne by the University.

We also seek your active efforts in advising the interns to be insured (liability insurance – Son-Gai Hoken 損害保険) before the start of internship. Please do note that for internships not officially recognized by the University and the Career Center, the insurance premiums will be fully borne by the student-intern.

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