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Credit Transfer

Students can earn credits when you participate in an internship, even one which you applied on your own. The internship must be a program where you perform actual work for at least 15 working days. You must complete the prior application, submit all required materials, attend designated seminars (or view on Course [email protected]), and participate in an evaluation interview. The awarding of credits is subject to the evaluation of the academic staff member in charge.

Subject Outlines


[Internship Training Course]
This course is offered by the Global Education Center. It is applicable to all students (full-time undergraduate and graduate students) who participate in private internships, and apply for credit transfer BEFORE the start of internship. It is available in the spring or fall (autumn) semester.

[Credits accrued]  TWO (2)

[Faculty-In-Charge] Professor Tatsunori MATSUI, School of Human Sciences

Once the applicants submit the Internship Credit Transfer Application Form and all relevant documents to the Career Center, he/she will be enrolled automatically in the Internship Training Course. This is offered by the Global Education Center.

Students may take part in multiple internships and apply for credit transfer (twice) in one academic year. You are required to seek permission from your school, as other rules and regulations may apply. For more details, please contact the administrative office of your school.

Details of Programs


All internships must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Fifteen (15) Working Days
  2. Seven (7) Hours Per Day
  3. To Fulfill At Least 105 Working Hours

The internship must contribute to the betterment of the applicant’s education. The intern must be accompanied by a supervisor from the internship organization. It is NOT a part-time job.

The Career Center will examine all the documents submitted by the prospective intern, including the outlines of internship, and may conduct interviews when considered necessary.

Schedule for Credit Transfer

A. Submission of Documents


  1. Download application forms (from “Application Forms” below).
  2. Log into MyWaseda.
  3. Click on “Student Service”, followed by “Application Form”. Choose “Submission of Internship Credit Transfer Application”. *Direct link to the application form
  4. Complete the form, attach all required files and send.

B. Necessary Procedures to Complete Before Accreditation of Credit- Checks BEFORE the Internship Starts -


Grading Sheet

Please check with the internship supervisor on his/ her intention whether he/ she can fill out the Grading Sheet AFTER you complete the internship, BEFORE you submit your internship application to the Career Centre.

Please note that submission of the Grading Sheet is mandatory for all internship credit transfer applications. Without one, the Career Center will not be able to evaluate the performance of the student-intern. Should the supervisor refuse to complete the grading sheet after the internship, when requested, before the intern begins the internship, your internship application will not be considered. Please kindly check with the supervisor BEFORE the submission of application.


Documents to Submit

※ All required documents must be submitted at least ONE week before the internship starts. If the internship falls during the summer/ winter break or prolonged national holidays where school is closed, please submit FOUR weeks in advance. For more details, please contact the Career Center.

NO internship credit transfer application will be accepted AFTER the internship has started.

(1) Internship Credit Transfer Application Form

(2) Plan Report

(3) Pledge (Waiver Form)

(4) Detailed Plan of the Internship Program from the Hosting Organization

When an applicant requests the supervisor to complete the program details, please pay attention to the following factors.

-Term of Internship (AT LEAST Fifteen Working Days)
-Hosting Department/ Division
-Purposes/ Objectives of Internship
-Contents (Actual Activities, Events, Workload, etc.)
-Work Conditions (and Benefits, if any)

The intern can submit a detailed plan from the Hosting Organization, using their own format, if it contains all the required information. A HP link to the internship will also be sufficient.

Document (1) and (2) must be attached to “Submission of Internship Credit Transfer Application” on MyWaseda.
Document (3) and (4) must be submitted directly at the Career Center counter.

Applications may be rejected should the contents fail to fulfill the requirements stipulated by the University.


Designated Seminars

All applicants must attend the “Manner” and “Risk Management” Seminars organized by the Career Center. If one fails to do so, please view the DVD recordings at the Career Center or from Course [email protected] and submit the reports BEFORE the internship starts.

C. Approval of Internship Credit Transfer Application


Once all the required documents are received, the applicant can proceed with the internship.


D. Internship Participation


Internship Records

All applicants must submit the Final Report, the Internship Records and the Grading Sheet one week AFTER the internship is completed.

Please keep daily records for FIFTEEN days, the required period for internship credit transfer. If an applicant should proceed beyond the 15th day, he/she should keep record once a week from the 16th day.

Please submit all the required documents once the term of internship ends. Should the documents submitted be incomplete, inaccurate and/ or found to be fraudulent, the internship credit will not be accrued. An “F” grade will be awarded.

E. Necessary Procedures to Complete After the Internship Ends Documents to Submit


In principle, all documents must be submitted within ONE week after the internship ends. The Career Center would strongly encourage the applicants to turn in all the documents once the internship ends, regardless of the one-week deadline.

(1) Please submit the Final Report on MyWaseda.

(2) Please submit the Internship Daily Records for at least 15 Days directly to the Career Center.

(3) All applicants must attend the “Follow-Up” Seminar. Failing to do so, please view the DVD recording at the Career Center or from Course [email protected] As this is in Japanese only, students who are taking part in the internship in English will be exempted.

F. Submission of Grading Sheet


Please request the supervisor to mail the Grading Sheet directly to the Career Center. In the event the supervisor is not able to mail it directly to us, please send the sheet by email as an attachment to [email protected]. Please inform the Career Center in advance.

G. Interview


An interview will be conducted by the faculty-in-charge and the Career Center after the internship ends. More details will be sent to the applicants by email on a later date.

Please note that the interview will not take place in the semester when the intern is involved in the internship, but the semester after the internship is completed. The internship credits will be accrued in the following semester, NOT in the semester when the internship takes place.

H. Evaluation and Credit Earned


The results will be announced at the beginning of March or mid-September.

Please do note that an “F” grade will be awarded if the applicants failed to complete the internship and/ or all the required procedures by the designated deadlines.

Application Forms

Important Notes

  • In principle, once the internship credit transfer application has been approved and officially evaluated, withdrawal will not be permitted under any circumstances. An applicant who wishes to withdraw but without informing the Career Center (with absolute valid reasons), and failure to submit all the required documents will be awarded an “F” grade.
  • Once the applicants submit the Internship Credit Transfer Application Form to the Career Center, he/ she will be enrolled automatically in the Internship Training Course, offered as a subject by the Global Education Center. Whether this course credit(s) will count toward the graduation requirements, it is the personal responsibility of the applicant to double-check with the faculty administrative office.
  • In the event the internship period/ term falls between two separate academic years or two different semesters, please apply based on the proposed last working day of the internship.
    Students are not allowed to apply for internship credit transfer in two different semesters or academic years under the same internship program (i.e. extension of internship within the same department & organization).
  • Many faculties and schools offer credit-earning internship programs, designed specifically for their students. For such courses, please check directly with the administrative offices. The Career Center will not accept any Internship Credit Transfer Application under such arrangement.
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