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Global Talents Playing an Active Role on the World Stage

Waseda University seeks to attain the goals of “accepting some 10,000 international students” and “affording Japanese students the opportunity to study overseas during their enrollment”. Currently, the University hosts around 7,476 international students and dispatches 4,439 Waseda University students abroad. Through our educational programs, Waseda University intends to nurture human resources who will command global skills that transcend borders, achieving a more international outlook, and global citizens who are able to address and resolve regional issues. It is our hope that they will contribute not only to their local communities but also to their nations and humanity at large.

At Waseda University, we host a community of outstanding international students who are fluent in English, Japanese and their mother tongues, and talented bilingual Japanese students who have experienced studying abroad. They are students with vitality, who can effectively communicate and respond swiftly to the change of time. You might just find someone suitable here at Waseda University who can contribute to the growth of your business and venture.

To learn more about Waseda University, please access the following website.

Recruitment Notices

As of April 2018, Waseda University hosts around 7,476 international undergraduates and graduate students (MA/ MBA/ PhD), full-time, short-term and exchange. Many of them are highly motivated and have intentions to seek employment in Japan. The Career Center would greatly appreciate if you could send us the relevant recruitment notices, indicating clearly whether international students are eligible to apply or a separate notification just for international students.

In Japanese

Please apply and register on the “Career+ UC”, our internet recruitment notification system, operated by DISCO Ltd. Once the account is approved, the company can upload recruitment notices (personal application, NOT job-matching), recruitment talks and seminars, and information on internships.

To register, please click on
In order to access the “Career+ UC” recruitment notification system, an ID and a password are required. New corporate partners may apply for an ID and a password by accessing the “Career+ UC” website. Corporate partners with the required ID and password may proceed to select Waseda University, and upload your notices. The service is free-of-charge.

For inquiries, please contact –
Career+ UC Customer Support
Tel: +81-3-6635-6488 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30)
E-mail: [email protected]

In English

For corporations seeking staff for overseas operations and global companies looking for new members for their domestic Japanese businesses, please kindly register your recruitment notices by accessing the “Career +UC” link shown below.  You can also upload information on internship.

If you have any questions on the registration process, please send us an email to the following address.

Email: [email protected]

On-Campus Recruitment Seminars

Waseda University Career Center organizes many recruitment drives and seminars on campus. The Career Center invites renowned corporations that are well-regarded and recognized by the students, including companies that directly recruit Waseda University students, and companies with outstanding records in their respective industry. Some of the companies also conduct their recruitment drives in English.

For a list of our English programs, please visit International Admissions Office website.

For corporate partners who are keen to conduct recruitment drives in English on campus, please kindly contact us at [email protected], with the following details. Following the Center’s guidelines on recruitment drives, all submissions will be carefully evaluated. Invited corporations will be contacted on a later date.

-Name of Corporation
-Person-In-Charge & Department
-Contact Number & Email Address
-Desired Faculties & Schools, if any Employment Periods (e.g. as per fiscal year, April admissions, September admissions, etc.)
-Skills Required, Job scope, Responsibilities, Benefits, etc.
【Open Hours】The open hours are changed due to the COVID-19 impact. See here for the current open hours.
 Weekdays 9:00~18:00 Saturdays 9:00~17:00
 *The open hours during vacations are HERE
【Contact Information】
 Tel : 03-3203-4332  
 e-mail : career#list.waseda.jp
 *Change "#" to "@" when you send an email.
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