Waseda International Symposium

on Education and Culture


November 15[Thu]-18[Sun], 2018

Waseda University Honjo Senior High School

About WaISEC


“Asia, Coexistence among People and with Nature”

Waseda International Symposium on Education and Culture, known as WaISEC. WaISEC is an environment for students to have extensive presentations and discussions over the current global conflicts. We are honored to welcome students from prestigious high schools located around Asia, and hope everyone would have a fulfilling time in Waseda Honjo.

Keynote Speech

Main Speaker

Mariko Hasegawa

Laligurans Japan

 A journalist and a nonfiction writer, Mariko Hasegawa has traveled around the world to seek understandings toward global social issues, and had come across human trafficking at the Indo-Nepal border in the later years. Through many documentaries and various types of articles for newspaper, magazines, and publications, Mariko is being keen on sharing the menace of the border. In 1997, Mariko has established an international NGO voluntary organization, Laligurans Japan, in hopes to preserve peace for Nepali women.

Guest Speaker

Takehiro Miyano

Waseda University

 A graduate of Waseda University Honjo Senior High School. Founder of the volunteer community “Omoi-ai tai.” Went to Nepal with Laligurans Japan when he was in high school, and became a student supporter since then. After graduating, he works at several company as an internee, and aims to found a school for fools.


Day1 Nov 15

Class Participation

 WaISEC will be held parallel with usual classes. During the three hours we decided to make the time for our guests to spend time with our 1st graders, and join the classes. It will be the first program after our guests have finally arrived at Honjo. There is also purpose to relax and have fun before going into the actual “studying” part of WaISEC.

Culture Performance

 The Culture Performance will be held at our hall that accommodates a large audience.(over 400) We have asked all guest schools to prepare a short performance. It can whether be a performance showing the audience your country’s tradition or recent trends etc.

Dinner Party

 We are planning to serve both Japanese and Western food in a food stand style. Many students are participating, so it will definitely be a great place to talk and make new friends. There will be music too. Be prepared for a party !!

Day2 Nov 16

Keynote Speech

 We have asked Ms.Mariko Hasegawa and a graduate university student who are specialists on volunteering and human coexistence to give a speech on their studies and experiences. We are sure that through this keynote speech, every participant will find a new viewpoint and idea to upgrade their original thoughts on coexistence. To learn more about the speaker, please check the information in the "Keynote Speech" section above.

Oral Presentation

 Every participating school will give a presentation on their original study. There are three venues with a different size audience, and presentations will proceed at the same time.

Poster Session

 Presenters in the Oral Presentation has a choice to make a poster regarding to their study and participate in this Poster Session. (Choosing only the session is also an option) The best part about the session is that the presenter and audience is in a distance where they are able to talk and fill the recognition difference on the spot.

Day3 Nov 17

Field Work

 We have prepared three fieldwork sites for our participants. Please check the links from the login page for more information.

Day4 Nov 18

Final Presentation

 The participants of the Fieldwork will be separated into six teams. (Each of these teams will have members of the three different fieldwork sites) We will have each team work together and prepare to give a presentation on what they have learned, and their final ideas on the WaISEC theme.

Closing Ceremony

 In this final program, all participates will gather in the hall where the culture performance took place in Day1. All students will receive a certificate which proves that you completed all 20 hours of academic programs in WaISEC.

Honjo Departure

 We are not sure if can find a large amount of time to say our goodbyes, but we promise to secure some “Picture Time” as well as the time to talk with our new best friends.