Doctoral Program / SPORT CULTURE SPECIALIZATION / Culture of Sport

United States, class, race, ethnicity, gender, Japan, history, anthropology
With nearly 30 years of experience as a researcher and teacher at Japan’s colleges and universities, I have been transferred to Waseda University School of Sport Sciences in 2018, in which I teach currently sport and culture, sport and society, and sport and history from historical and anthropological perspectives. I am one of the directors at Japanese Association for American Studies (JAAS), an active member of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH), and a research team member on “Sport and Civilization” at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, for which I will serve as a visiting professor from spring of 2021. Most recent publications include Japanese experiences in the introduction of American football from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries (in English), and sport and society during the Harlem Renaissance of the United States, 1920s to 1940s (in Japanese). Recent writings include reviews of trends in USA from several topical perspectives such as “esports,” “sport and race,” “sport and gender,” and “sport and politics,” to be published in Japanese in 2021, and the development of the Olympic movement in USA and Japan from perspectives of class, race, gender, and sexuality from 1896 to 2021. One recent translation is Niko Besnier/Susan Brownell’s The Anthropology of Sport: Bodies, Borders, Biopolitics.
1998/04-2017/03 Musashi UniversityFaculty of HumanitiesAssociate Professor/Professor
1994/04-1998/03 Kanda University of International StudiesFaculty of Foreign Languagesassistant professor
1992/06-1994/03 Kyoritsu Women's UniversityDepartment of International Culturespostdoctoral researcher

Educational background:
1987/09 -1992/05 Brown University Graduate School Master of Arts and Philosophy of Doctor Programs Department of History
1985/04 -1987/03 University of Tsukuba Graduate School Institute of History and Anthropology Program of Western History

The most recent paper is the result of a comparative analysis in the historiography of historical studies of sports in USA, Japan, and China, titled “US-Based Historical Studies of Sports and the Academe of Japan and China,” in which, as an example, the following chart is presented:A description of my research in a largest framework is: based on methodologies of history of sport and anthropology of sport, it covers the histories and contemporary societies of the United States and Japan. More specifically, I welcome projects that seek to investigate the meanings and roles of any or all of class, race/ethnicity, and/or gender identities for and through the foundation and development of modern sports in the United States and/or Japan during the early-modern and/or modern eras. I also welcome projects that target at the process of the spread of American ideologies and philosophies of sport, and/or specific games of sports, such as baseball, American football, basketball, and volleyball to Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa Japan, and their impacts over the thoughts and activities of athleticism in Japan.
Sporting Experiences in histories and contemporary societies of the United States and Japan. One of the current projects is “the masculinization of basketball in Meiji, Taisho, Showa Japan, 1890s to 1930s.”