開催日時 2018年10月8日(月)12:15-12:50
参加資格WIAPS専任教員・助手, WIAPS受入の交換研究員・訪問学者・外国人研究員, GSAPS修士課程・博士後期課程在学生

報告者:ロバーツ グレンダS(早大アジア太平洋研究科教授)

"Work-Life Balance and Well-being for Families in Paris: Preliminary Results from our Qualitative Survey"

French families, with thick support of the French government, enjoy many social welfare benefits that assist
them in their family lives in the 2000s. How do they feel about their balance between work and life?

What is the meaning of work, and the meaning of having children? How is care for the family managed? to what
extent have the French achieved sharing in gender roles in the household, and are they satisfied with the outcome?

How do couples perceive their roles in care of their own parents? These are some of the questions that Roberts
and Umegaki-Costantini asked in our 2018 survey when we queried the work/life balance for men and women in French
middle and upper-middle class families in Paris. The presentation will be based on very preliminary analyses,
comparing and contrasting our findings from Paris with those from research done in Japan.

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