開催日時 2015年5月18日(月)12:15-12:50
参加資格WIAPS専任教員・助手, WIAPS受入の交換研究員・訪問学者・外国人研究員, GSAPS修士課程・博士後期課程在学生

報告者:鍋嶋 郁 (早大アジア太平洋研究科准教授)

Regulations/Standards and International Trade

As tariff rates have come down, the issues surrounding non-tariff measures are becoming the focus of trade liberalization discussions.
Although, issues surrounding sanitary and phytosanitary standards and technical barriers to trade have been discussed in extensively in the past, this area is still an under-researched area. There are two areas that the existing literature fail to capture the impact of the NTMs on trade: the role played by production networks, which is an important component in East Asia; and diffusion process of these NTMs from one country to the other. In this presentation, I will introduce my research interest in this area. As an example, I will focus on a particular form of NTM (product-related environmental regulations) and a private standard and present how they may affect the decision of the firm, what might be the potential impact on the shape and form of supply chains, implications to firms in developing countries, and the role of the government, especially in the decision to adopt foreign regulations and standards.

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