WIAPS Discussion Paper

The WIAPS Discussion Paper series is a collection of research-in-progress that is currently being conducted at the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. The aim of making these open access (i.e. making them freely accessible to the public) is to promote the development of active discussion, which will facilitate the publication of these research in academic journals and books as final products.
Dissemination of this discussion paper does not imply endorsement by Waseda University of any of the views expressed within.
All copyrights belong to their respective authors.

Series No. Author Title
2017-E-1  Atsushi Kato, 
 Atsushi Fukumi                
 Industrialization Policy by Indian State Governments: A Political Economy Explanation                

Byeongwoo Kang

Innovation processes in public research institutes: AIST, Fraunhofer, and ITRI case-studies

Duong Lan Huong,
Tsunehiro Otsuki,
Etsuyo Michida

Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of EMS Standards on the Firms’ Attitude toward Product Safety

Kaoru Nabeshima,
Ayako Obashi

Regulatory Dissimilarity: A First Look at the Newly Collected Non-Tariff Measure Database