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Projects opened by the WIAPS based on Indonesia.

The main reaserch activities in 2015 are as follows.     
Research Theme: “Holistic Study of the September 30, 1965 Incident: Indonesia as part of Asia-Pacific Relations History”
    1) Publish the journal
    2) Republication of “The Diary of Takei Tenkai 1908-1946”
    3) Hold the symposium in Indonesia
    4) Supplemental Survey of Mr. HARAGUCHI Takejiro and Ms. HARAGUCHI Uta   

Research Field Trip Grant    

This grant is open to the regular graduate school students at Waseda University whose research theme is related to Southeast Asian Studies.    
The annual field trip grant is JPY250,000 and it will aid a maximum of 10 students per year.    
For more details, please refer to the Field Research Trip Grant.    
* Under this scheme, the “Research Field Trip” refers to fieldwork in a foreign country. Students who plan to take part in an internship, study abroad program, international conference and other related academic activities, etc., may also apply.       

GSAPS Courses “Asia and Waseda University in the History of Modern Japan”   

Detailed course information will be announced in summer,2015.