FAQ for Admission

If applicants would like to apply for our program, please read the “GSAPS Application Guide for Admissions”.

General Questions for Admission

  • Q: How can I get the GSAPS Brochure?

    A: You can download the digital brochure from our website:
    Also we will send the paper-based brochure to those who live in Japan upon request through our site below.
  • Q: How can I get the Application Guide and Application Forms?

    A: You can download them from our website:
  • Q: What does the Admission Office consider most important out of application documents?

    MA : Admission will be considered in a comprehensive manner, taking all documents into consideration including academic and career backgrounds, language proficiency, reference(s), and essays. For applicants applying from inside of Japan, the results of the second admission test will be also considered.
    PhD: Admission will be considered in a comprehensive manner, taking the results of the second Screening and all documents into consideration: documents include Master’s thesis, academic and career backgrounds, language proficiency, reference(s), and essays.
  • Q: Can I apply even without majoring in International Relations?

    A: You can still apply for our programs with a degree from a different field. GSAPS widely accepts competent applicants from Japan and abroad.
  • Q: Is it possible to apply twice in one year?

    A: Yes, it is possible.
  • Q: Should I contact desired professor(s) before submitting my applications?

    A: You don’t have to. However, if you wish to contact our faculty, please write your message and send it by e-mail to GSAPS Office:gsaps@list.waseda.jp We will forward it for you. Please note that contact during application periods is NOT allowed.
  • Q: Are previous exam questions for the second screening released?

    A: MA: A sample essay question for the second screening can be found on our website.
    PhD: Written exam questions are not disclosed.
  • Q: What are “Scholarships Admissions”?

    A: These are scholarships for those who are non-Japanese and newly come to Japan from abroad for the purpose of entering GSAPS. If an applicant passes GSAPS’ screening, and then receives an approval from Japanese Government (MEXT) or World Bank, the applicant will receive tuition waiver and monthly stipend. The Application period is in February and the details are updated in December (2-3 months prior to the application period).

    List of Scholarships 
    (1)Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) *GSAPS Nomination
     (2)Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme (JJ/ WBGSP)


Language Proficiency

  • Q: Do I need a score of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1)?

    A: International applicants who wish to take courses in Japanese must submit it.
  • Q: Do I need a proof of English proficiency?

    A: Non-English native, international applicants who wish to take courses in English and Japanese applicants must submit a proof of English Proficiency.
  • Q: Is there a base score for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and/or English Proficiency test?

    A: No, there is no base score.
  • Q: Is there any period of validity for the proof of Language proficiency?

    A: No, there is no specific term of validity for language proof.


Application Documents

  • Q: I cannot meet the submission deadline for the transcript and/or diploma because I have not graduated yet. What should I do?

    A: Please send in your expected certificate of graduation along with your official transcript at the time of application. The submission of the final transcript and diploma will be requested upon admission.
  • Q: I cannot find a suitable person to fill out my evaluation form. What should I do?

    A: If you don’t have anyone who is (was) your professor/academic advisor or superior at work, please find someone equivalent who can evaluate you properly based on the designated evaluation form.



  • Q: Is it possible to take only certain courses as an auditing student?

    A: No. We do not accept the application for “Non-degree student”, which takes only certain courses now.
  • Q: Are there any information sessions?

    A: GSAPS annually organizes an event called “Open School” in July. In addition, there will be a GSAPS booth at an event called the “Information Sessions for Graduate School Programs” organized by Waseda University (annually held in June), and GSAPS might be represented at other recruitment events. For details, please visit the GSAPS website.


FAQ for Scholarship

  • Q: How do I apply for scholarship?

    A: Those who wish to receive scholarship need to register for scholarship upon enrollment. For scholarships that require recommendations from the school, the candidates will be selected from the registered students based on academic performance and financial situations on an individual offer basis. The candidates will then submit their applications.
    There are also publicly offered scholarships which individuals can apply for freely. Updates on the information for these scholarships are posted on the bulletin boards in front of the office or Center for International Education (scholarships for international students) for individual viewing and application.
    Additionally there are scholarships that can be applied for prior to enrollment.
    Details are available here.
  • Q: What are the chances of obtaining a scholarship?

    A: The number of recipients is available here. However the number and types of scholarships vary according to the fiscal year and thus the obtainment ratio is subject to fluctuate.
  • Q: What scholarships are available for Japanese students?

    A: In addition to the scholarships from the Japan Scholarship Foundation, Scholarships sponsored by private foundation, and Waseda University scholarships such as the Okuma Memorial Awards and the Ono Azusa Memorial Awards are available. Details are provided here.
    * “Japanese students” include foreign students residing in Japan whose status of residence is either: “Permanent resident”, “Spouse of permanent resident”, “Spouse of Japanese national” or “Fixed domicile resident”.
  • Q: What should an international student do to receive scholarship from the government of Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)?

    A: If you are applying before enrollment, there will be two ways
    1)Appling through our Scholarships Admissions
    2) Please directly contact the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan in the country for information.
    For the students of Waseda University, the application for this kind of scholarship requires recommendations from the school, thus the same procedure applies to the selection of candidates, i.e. candidates will be chosen from the registered students based on performance.
  • Q: How can I get into a dormitory?

    A: For the housing information, please refer the URL below.
    *WASEDA University Residence Life Center


FAQ for Course / Curriculum

  • Q: Please tell me the course hours.

    A: Courses are generally set between 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
  • Q: Can I take courses outside the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies?

    A: Yes, you may take courses from other graduate schools through official procedures but the registration period would differs among schools so please be careful about the schedule when registering. Furthermore, graduate students cannot take undergraduate courses.
  • Q: Can I take a Japanese language course?

    A: Japanese language courses are provided by the “Center for Japanese Language“. However, they are paid courses.


FAQ for Student Life

  • Q: Are there any places where students can rest?

    A: “The Refresh Zone” on the 8th floor and “the Rest Corners” on the 6th and 7th floor of Building 19 are available for that purpose.
  • Q: How can I use the computers and Internet in Waseda University?

    A: In order to use the computer network in Waseda University, you need to obtain a user account. Please attend the “Computer Seminar” provided during the orientation period.
  • Q: I am not feeling good. Are there any hospitals nearby?

    A: The Waseda University has the Health Support Center in building No. 25-2 by the Okuma Garden. Also, there is a Campus Health Branch Office (Room 106) in building No. 7 (near Building 11. Please see a nurse there.)
  • Q: I would like to go to see a doctor. Is there any grant for medical expenses?

    A: Please visit to the Health Support Center of WASEDA university.
    This center is available when you feel sick, as well as you need to consult your personal concerns.

    Also we have some contracted hospitals around WASEDA university.
    A health insurance card is usually necessary for hospital visits, so please bring it with you when you visit a hospital nearby.

    Addtionaly, regular students can receive reimbursement of paid medical fee to some extent by ”Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association ”.
    For more details, please refer to the website(PDF) of the Student Affairs Division.

  • Q: Can I use the Training Center?

    A: The Training Center is located on the second basement floor of the Student Center (Bldg. 30 B2).
    *Period of Use*
    One year (from the date of registration)
    *Necessary materials for registration*

    • Medical card or Health Checkup Report
    • One Picture (3cm×2.5cm)
    • Student ID card
    • 3,000 yen

    Training Center

  • Q: I’d like to commute to school by bicycle. Do I need to apply for it? Where are the parking areas for bicycles?

    A: Application is not required for parking a bicycle if you park in the following place. The parking areas are in the Central Library area.
    One is located in the side of the Library building, and the other in the back of the Library.