Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program


(日本語) International Business/Business Sector

Q.1 Why did you choose GSAPS?

At the end of the school life in SILS, Waseda, I had to decide my future path. I have studies various fields which are related to the global issue, and environment was one of my favorite topics. I wanted to be more academically profound regarding environmental issues, at the same time, I also wanted to study other related fields. GSAPS was the best choice because GSAPS provides me a good environment to fulfill my academic interests such as interdisciplinary courses, and highly qualified faculty members. Plus, the fact that I can study with students who have different backgrounds and cultures made me more interested in studying in GSAPS.


Q.2 How was your academic life as GSAPS?

During the two years in GSAPS, I was able to develop my knowledge through the classes and my own research at seminar. Students have access to good academic resources such as journals and books that Waseda provides. I also actively made use of these opportunities. Moreover, I really appreciate that there were many chances to share my cultural interests and idea with other students from diverse countries. EAUI program is one of the good examples that students can share their knowledge with other school’s students. All those precious experiences in GSAPS helped me to be a person who is more professional with global perspectives.

Q.3 Please share some comments with applicants

For future applicants who are interested in improving academic knowledge, and who want to actively engage in international fields, I would like to recommend that GSAPS may be a great choice for you. Two years ago, like many other students, I was also really worried about my future, but now, I can say studying at GSAPS was a truly valuable step for my future career.


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