Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program

SAITO Yoshihiko

*IBM Japan ,Ltd
*Completed the MA Program in March 2012

When I went to study abroad in Boston, I found that lots of students were studying diligently and many of them entered graduate school in order to follow their interest until the end. They were doing what they really wanted to do. I was moved by them. That made me decide to study in GSAPS. Once at GSAPS, I joined an international NGO. In their activities, I supported less developed countries and shared my ideas with senior students and professors. Through that experience, I developed my own sense of values. Thus I spent time meaningfully in GSAPS. I graduated from the Master’s degree course in March, 2012. From April, I’ve been working for Japan IBM. Since I started to work as a person who will be building this global society, I feel it’s necessary to think and take action proactively, and it’s very important to be flexible to interpret and handle phenomenon taking place all over the world. GSAPS supports students to meet people from diverse backgrounds and experienced professors and gives us fields to research with extensive knowledge. These environments help students to build an international mentality and uniqueness. Two years in GSAPS were very short. However, I could learn so many things not only in my research field but also in others. I appreciate GSAPS for affording me this precious time.


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