Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program

OJALA Katri Elina

(日本語) International Business/Business Sector

1. Why did I choose GSAPS?

I wanted to do my Master’s degree in Japan because of positive experiences as an exchange student to Japan in my Bachelor years, and a friend of mine recommended GSAPS to me. The characteristics of GSAPS that appealed to me the most were the fact that one can study in both English and Japanese, the curriculum is extensive and enables us to study the Asia-Pacific region from many different perspectives, and that studying in one of Japan’s leading universities will give me an advantage in looking for a job after graduation.

2. How was my academic life at GSAPS?

Studying at GSAPS has been demanding but also very rewarding. The schedule is pretty tight with all the required course work and preparing the Master’s thesis. But at the same time, I have learnt a great deal in the courses I took, both from the professors who are experts in their field and the lively in-class discussions with other students coming from a variety of backgrounds. I think that is definitely one of the greatest strengths of GSAPS: people from different cultural backgrounds challenge you to question your convictions and help you to think from other perspectives as well. One example of this is the Campus EAUI program where Waseda University organizes joint courses and semester exchange opportunities with other leading Asian universities, offering their students a chance to exchange ideas with peers studying in different Asian countries

3. Some comments for applicants

Regardless of whether you are considering a career in academics, organizations or corporations, GSAPS can offer useful tools for your future. From the personal networks of professors and GSAPS alumni, support of the GSAPS office staff and other Waseda University services for students, to the academic skills you will learn during your study at GSAPS, you can be sure that your time here will not go to waste!


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