Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program

LIMBOURG Christina Victoria

*Completed MA Program in march 2014
*International Business/ Business Sector

After having studied Japanese and Economics in Europe for my Bachelor degree, I wanted to continue my studies in Japan, using both Japanese and English. I was particularly interested in applied economics, but also wanted to study a number of related topics. GSPAS fulfills all those requirements and additionally provides its students with an international environment, making it an ideal place to study international relations.
Apart from the knowledge I acquire in class and through my own research, GSAPS helped me develop useful soft skills, ranging from debating to intercultural understanding. For me, having done an MA at GSAPS was of real value for my future career, because especially Japanese companies are increasingly trying to employ “globally active” students.
With its international environment and exchange programs, studying at GSAPS can be an eye-opening experience. Especially if you are interested in a career in international organizations, GSAPS may be the right place for you, as you can learn a lot from students who are already working in or have done internships the field.



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