Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program

IWATA Masayuki

*Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Co., Ltd
*Completed the MA Program in March 2012

Since April 2012, I have been working for Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Co., Ltd.
As my current career position deals with economics and finance, I cherish the studies that I have gone through in GSAPS. The theme for my master’s thesis was “Socially Responsible Investment,” an investment method incorporating CSR. Not only was I able to conduct my research from economics and financial perspectives, but also from environmental and international perspectives in bilingual settings. The global educational setting has enhanced my knowledge and expertise. The most attractive aspect of GSAPS is the lifelong friends you meet. I was working as the financial officer for one and a half years in the GSAPS Student Association, where I worked with people from Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America. I believe that GSAPS is the only educational institution in Japan which provides an international environment where all members overcome linguistic walls and work as one.


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