Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program


*Program Analyst of the UNDP
*Completed the MA Program in March 2009

I landed a job at a securities company right after I graduated from university in the U.S. However, since university, I had always been interested in the field of international cooperation as my career choice. When I was working, I had little access to information as to career opportunities in international cooperation, so I had almost no idea on how I could make a career change. Once enrolled at GSAPS, abundant career information in this particular field became available to me. That was thanks to the administrative office and faculty staff who were kind enough to offer me support I needed. While at university, I was given many valuable opportunities to gain field-level experience that helped build a foundation for my future career. To provide an example, I took internships at the Representative Office in Jordan of the Japan Bank For International Cooperation (JBIC) and at the East Timor Office of UNICEF. I was also fortunate enough to be able to take a lecture at United Nations University. If it were not for such experience, I do not think I would have obtained the opportunity to become a Junior Professional Officer*.

*Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) are specialists who will be sent to international organizations by their nation for a fixed period of time pursuant to the terms each nation has made with various international organizations


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