Voices from Our Recent Graduates

MA Program


*Director, China Central Television
*Completed the MA Program in September 2008

After graduating in 2008, I returned to China to work at the China Central Television. I am now a director for the travel show “TRAVELOGUE” at CCTV NEWS.
Although at a glance what I’m doing now seems different from what I studied, the dynamism of the media industry means I am always making use of what I learned at university. The same kind of logical thinking used to write thesis is needed in my job, for everything from data collection and collation in pre-production, to organizing the entire structure of the program in post-production. More importantly, the “Problem Awareness” that our professors always taught us has proven valuable to me ‒ I always remember to ask “why”. It is one of the most indispensible skills in the media industry.
GSAPS, “mini-United Nations” environment is something that makes me nostalgic. It was here that I experienced for the first time its unique multicultural blend, and began to see the world from different perspectives, and problems from different angles.
When you really open your mind and open your heart, even if it is to work on a travel show, you’ll gain so much more out of life. I truly appreciate the 2 years I spent living and studying at GSAPS ‒ it was the happiest and most fulfilling 2 years of my life.


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