Student Visa

It is, in principle, necessary for international applicants who does not possess Japanese nationality to obtain a “Student Visa” after they have been accepted at GSAPS, completed the prescribed registration procedures, and effectively made the decision to begin their studies at GSAPS. Students must submit a valid passport and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their home country in order to apply for a “Student Visa.”
GSAPS will act as proxy to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice for applicants applying under the Application from Overseas category, who do not possess Japanese nationality.
Applicants desiring to have the GSAPS act as their proxy are requested to submit a complete set of the necessary materials at the time of their application to the GSAPS in order to complete the processing in time.

Application Materials for the Certificate of Eligibility


  • All documents must be completed in Japanese or English. If documents are submitted in a language other than Japanese or English, a Japanese or English translation must also be submitted.
  • The GSAPS Admissions Office applies for COE only for “Student Visas” on behalf of applicants. Those who intend to apply for other types of visas are required to file their applications by themselves.
  • If you do not submit the necessary documents or submitted documents are incomplete, we will not be able to apply for a COE for you.
  • If you apply for a COE or a visa separately (i.e. a double application) in case you are accepted at other universities, a COE will not be issued.
  • You may be required to submit additional documents by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.
  • A COE may not be issued depending on the content of documents prepared by the applicant.
  • An applicant who declines to enroll in GSAPS after having received a COE should follow the procedure for declining enrollment and return the COE to the GSAPS Admissions Office immediately.
  1. Application for the Certificate of Eligibility (designated form)
    “Application for applicant, Part 1, 2 and 3″ must be filled out completely.
    *Please see the “Instructions for how to fill out the application“.
  2. Photograph one original
    Photograph should be the same as the one used for “Application Form”.
    *Affix a color photograph in the designated space.
  3. Written Oath for defraying expenses (designated form)
    Must be written by the sponsor of the applicant.
    *Should applicants choose to defray the expenses on their own, this document is not required.
    *If there are multiple supporters, applicants are requested to submit a separate document for each supporter.
  4. Documents to prove that applicants can defray all the expenses (tuition, fees and living expenses) incurred during their stay in Japan (2 years for MA Program, 3 years for PhD Program)
    E.g. bank balance certificate of the supporter’s account, written proof of the receipt of a scholarship amount and duration, etc.
    *In principle, please submit the bank balance certificate for the savings account or checking account.
    *If there are multiple supporters including the applicant his/herself, applicants are requested to submit a separate document for each supporter.
    *At least 5,000,000 JPY will be sufficient for tuition and living expenses for our program.
  5. Income Certificate for the past three years(yearly)
    E.g. income certificate issued by employer, tax payment certificate including annual income, etc. Separate documents should be provided for each year.
    *If there are multiple supporters including the applicant his/herself, applicants are requested to submit a separate document for each supporter.

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (GSAPS_Eligibility.pdf)

Written Oath for Defraying Expenses (2018_Expense.pdf)

Example form and notes for COE application (GSAPS Eligibility_example_en.pdf)


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