Student Visa

It is, in principle, necessary for international applicants who does not possess Japanese nationality to obtain a “Student Visa” after they have been accepted at GSAPS, completed the prescribed registration procedures, and effectively made the decision to begin their studies at GSAPS. Students must submit a valid passport and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their home country in order to apply for a “Student Visa.”

GSAPS will act as proxy to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice for applicants applying under the Application from Overseas category, who do not possess Japanese nationality.
Applicants desiring to have the GSAPS act as their proxy are requested to submit a complete set of the necessary materials at the time of their application to the GSAPS in order to complete the processing in time. 

Besides, please note that a COE will not be issued, if applicants apply for a COE or a visa separately from Waseda University (i.e. a double application).
Please also be reminded that applicants may be required to submit additional documents by the Immigration Bureau of Japan if necessary.

Application Materials for the Certificate of Eligibility

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Please download from “9. Study” section of “Application for Ceritficate of Eligibility” page in the website of Immigration Bureau of Japan)

Written Oath for Defraying Expenses (GSAPS_Expense.pdf)

Example form and notes for COE application (SAMPLEGSAPS_COE_application_ENG.pdf)


Visa Procedure (1. -> 2. -> 3. -> 4. -> 5. -> 6.)visa_step