Screening Results

【MA September 2017 Admission】
 General Admission:Successful Applicant of 2nd Screening
 Nominees of the interview for Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies Special Scholarship for Taiwanese Student Admissions for the September 2017 Entrance
 Successful Applicant of Special Admission for Graduating Waseda University Students

【PhD September 2017 Admission】
 General Admission:Successful Applicants of 2nd Screening

Admission decisions are posted or e-mailed on the prescribed day. Also, the “Guide to Entrance Procedures” will be provided to the final successful applicants.
*Please contact the GSAPS Admissions Office if you do not receive admission decisions within one week after the prescribed day.
*The GSAPS Admissions Office will not answer any inquiries with regard to the results and/or details of the screening over telephone, via e-mail, or by any other means.