XIE Yizhe

Sumitomo Corporation

Internship is probably the best opportunity for an engaged student to move beyond the Ivory Tower and increase exposure to the real world. I was privileged to do an internship at the Sumitomo Corporation Global Research – an in-house think tank of the Sumitomo Corporation in Tokyo – one of the world’s largest general trading houses which are considered the backbone of Japanese economy. Among other ad hoc tasks, I was responsible in monitoring and analyzing political and economic events across the world that may have a business impact to the firm’s global presence and presented my work daily at morning meetings.  Because of its intrinsic nature of the internship, I was able to apply many things I learnt at school to work and find out my own answers to questions like “what and how knowledge and theories can be applied in daily business, what’s the culture and communication style of Japanese firms, and what kind of talents are in great need and what points I need to improve and work on”, etc. Upon completing the internship, I can say that I walk away with confidence and knowing myself better and became more grateful to GSAPS for its interdisciplinary approach and faculties with wide range of interests.


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