UNICEF Morocco Office

In 2012, I worked as an intern at the Education section of the UNICEF Morocco office for three months. During my internship,I had opportunities to participate in diverse activities. Among them were attending the meetings of UNDAF (United Nations Development Assistance Framework), conducting bottleneck analysis of “Out-of-school children” and participating in a technical work shop. During my time at UNICEF, I also had chances to meet education specialists from the headquarters and the regional office in Amman, with whom I could have in-depth discussions about different issues in education development. From these experiences, I was able to link what I had learned in the classes and research in GSAPS to professional work. In 2011, I also served as an intern at JICA. Though these experiences, I was able to identify the areas and skills I lacked, which I could focus on improving at GSAPS.


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