National Diet of Japan - MP office

During the space of 4 months, I was able to experience something most foreigners in Japan cannot – the inner workings of Japanese politics! An MP offered me this great opportunity to gain insight into the actual policy making process in Japan and to help me shape my own understanding of Japanese politics. I was able to research in my own area of interest and craft a policy proposal and reform agenda for Japanese ODA to be used for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His office is a truly international and inspiring place for any young researcher and politics enthusiast. I was able to form long-lasting friendships with Japanese staff members and other foreign interns and experienced the day-to-day hard work of a Japanese politician firsthand. Inviting foreigners to this core center of Japanese political life surely is a great way to further international understanding and shape the mindset of future leaders.  I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and it will remain a milestone in my life.


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