For Incoming Students (April 2019 entrance)

This section provides useful and important information for new students (schedule, course registration, scholarship registration, etc.). Please make sure to read them carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office (



Event & Orientation Schedule

Academic Calendar AY2019, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies

Schedule details of orientations

2019 Orientation for International Students by Center for International Education, Waseda University (For international students excluding MEXT students)

2019 Orientation for MEXT Students by Center for International Education, Waseda University (For MEXT students)

Course Registration

Course Registration

Course registration guide for GSAPS and other graduate schools in Waseda university courses→Will be updated early March 2019.

Credit transfer application (For MA students)

Japanese Course Registration (For international students)

Required Procedure for Japanese Course Registration for International Students

Important notice for students planning to register for Japanese language courses

Website of Center for Japanese Language, Waseda University

*Information for Spring semester 2019 will be updated in early March. For more details, please contact the Center for Japanese Language directly.

 Scholarship Registration

*An international student with a [Permanent Resident], [Long Term Resident], [Spouse or Child of Japanese Citizen] or [Permanent Resident] status will be required to register as a Japanese student.

Scholarship Registration for Japanese Students*

Scholarship Registration For Privately-Financed International Students

→The current webpage of “Scholarship Applications” still shows the information for the international students who entered in September 2018. Please note that the information for international students of April 2019 entrance will be updated by end of March 2019 and that the application for scholarship will start on April 1st, 2019.

 For newly arrived International Students

*”Certificate of Eligibility” will be sent by EMS as soon as it is issued.   (Newly entering international students only)

About Certificate of Eligibility

How to apply for part-time work permit at the airport

Application Form for Part-time Work Permit

 For International Students who already hold Residence Card

About the Application for Extension of Period of Stay or Change of Status of Residence

Application form for EXTENTION of period of stay

Application form for CHANGE of status of residence

* If students would like to continue to work part-time, they need to reapply for “Part-time Work Permit ” to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted, when they apply for “extension of period of stay” or “change of status of residence”. 
Application Form for Part-time Work Permit

Important Links to other departments of Waseda University

Waseda University Campus Map

→For access to GSAPS, see this page.

Center for International Education (Support for International Students and Study Abroad Program)

Residence Life Center (Dormitory and Housing)

International Community Center (On-campus Cultural Exchange)