Application Guide & Application Forms Download

*2019.7.8 Updated

【For Japanese Applicants】
*Application guide for GSAPS Excellence Awards Scholarship (for Japanese nationals) can be referred on this page.

*About Individual Entrance Requirements Screening Process
Those who do not have Bachelor’s degree or do not fulfill the requirements for applicants qualification
and considering of applying for 2020 April enrollment and
wish to apply for Individual Entrance Requirements Screening Process
have to submit specific application documents by June 21st (Fri.), 2019.
Please refer to the application guide and contact GSAPS Admission Office for details.

GSAPS Application Guide (2019.7.8 updated)

【Notice】For Applicants through Refugee Higher Education Program (RHEP) by UNHCR

<MA course>
GSAPS Application Guide (Application-Guide-for-Apr-AY2020-Admissions_MA_ENG.pdf)

<PhD course>
GSAPS Application Guide (Application-Guide-for-Apr-AY2020-Admissions_PHD_ENG.pdf)

Application Forms

For MA and PhD Program

Online Application System  Available only for CSC Admissions from September 30 to October 11, 2019.
*After completing the application via online application system, please send the documents below
  to GSAPS Admissions Office by post to arrive within application period.
   ①Print out of the PDF file downloaded from online application system
   ②Print out of the essay (MA) or the research plan (PhD)
   ③Other required documents
Request Form for Return of Submitted Materials
Application Form for Application Fee Waiver, Waseda University
Application Check Chart (minor update on 2019.8.29)
Address Label (2019Address_Label.pdf)

For PhD Program

List of previous publications and research

Application Materials for the Certificate of Eligibility

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Please download from “9. Study” section of “Application for Ceritficate of Eligibility” page in the website of Immigration Bureau of Japan)
Written Oath for Defraying Expenses (GSAPS_Expense.pdf)
Example form and notes for COE application (SAMPLEGSAPS_COE_application_ENG.pdf)

Application Guides and application formats for Past Admission

GSAPS Application Guide (Application-Guide-for-Sep-AY2019-Admissions_MA_ENG.pdf)

GSAPS Application Guide (Special Admissions for Graduating Waseda University Students Winter Application)

GSAPS Application Guide (Application-Guide-for-Sep-AY2019-Admissions_PHD_ENG.pdf)

GSAPS Application Guide for CSC(GSAPS Admission Guide of CSC scholarship Sep2019_E.pdf)

Application Forms

Address Label (2019Address_Label.pdf)

For MA Program

Essay[Part 1]
Essay[Part 2]
Statement on International Development Activities

For PhD Program

Research plan
List of previous publications and research