FAQ for Students

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Academic Matters

・I would like to change my project research.
・I would like to read MA/PhD theses in the past years.
・I would like to learn Japanese.
・I would like to know what kind of credits I have taken can be counted towards completion.

Class/Term Paper/Grade

・I would like to check information on class cancellation/makeup classes.
・I would like to check my grade.
・I would like to submit my term paper to the Office.
・I would like to know if credits I have taken from CJL/ other graduate schools affect my GPA.
・I was instructed to make a copy of textbook for the class from professor.

Scholarship/Tuition and Fees

・I would like to apply for scholarship.
・My tuition payment slip is out of date. Can I still use it?
・I would like to know about the tuition and fees as an extended student.
・I would like to pay my tuition and fees by credit card.
・I would like to pay my tuition and fees by automatic bank transfer.
・I would like to know the payment schedule.


・Is there some kind of medical fee expense support?
・What should I do if I feel sick/get injured on campus?
・I would like to consult with someone about my health issues.
・I would like to get counseling.
・I would like to consult about harassment.


・How can I get my certificates issued?
・What kind of certificates can be issued and how much does it cost?
・When can I get a certificate of expected graduation?

Changes in Registered Information

・I would like to change my katakana(Japanese) name.
・What should I do when I change my address/phone number?
・I would like to change my guarantor.
・What should I do when I change my name (ex. due to marriage)?


・My visa (Zairyu-shikaku) is going to expire soon.
・Is it possible to change my visa status from “student” to something else?
・Can the University offer visa support for my spouse/kid?

Extra-curricular Activities

・I would like to join a society/club.
・I would like to join an internship.
・I would like to get information on job hunting/career.
・Are there any subsidiaries available for academic activities (study abroad, field research, academic conference)? 
・I would like to make my business card.
・I would like to use Waseda university/ GSAPS logos?

Facilities and Service

・I would like to book a class room.
・Can I borrow an umbrella in case of a sudden rain?
・Where can I borrow the keys for the classroom facilities?
・I would like to apply for a personal locker.
・I forgot MyWaseda ID and/or password.
・I left my personal belongings somewhere.
・I would like to make a scan/copy.
・I would like to check the availability of the PC rooms on campus.
・I would like to check which software is available in which PC room on campus.
・What will happen to My Waseda ID and Waseda email address after completion?