Course Registration2017

 (1)General Information on Course Registration

  1. On MyWASEDA, GSAPS students can use the Course Registration System and the Syllabus Search System.
  2. If time permits, please register courses on the computers located in the library on the 8th floor, Bldg. 19 during library hours. When registering courses from off-campus, one might not be able to register smoothly depending on your computer environment.
  3. If one registers courses from off-campus during the registration period, you need to practice this online registration system with an actual computer that you are going to use. We also advise students to register for courses before the final day of the registration period to avoid the expected slowdown of network transactions. We do not have an add/cancellation policy after the period. In case you are unsure if registration has been successfully completed, please take a screenshot or print out the website as a proof.
  4. A notification will be posted on the top page of MyWaseda if there are any problems with the system.
  5. Quarter courses  offered in the “spring/fall quarter” have the same registration period as spring/fall semester. Please don’t forget to register before the registration period ends. For details of the registration schedule, please check GSAPS Academic Calendar.
  6. The Registration result will be sent to your Waseda mail account. You can also confirm the result on the Course Registration System during the designated period.

(2)AY2017 Syllabus Search/ GSAPS Course List/ Course Registration Information

Syllabus Search System (Link to University’s website)
AY2017 The Guide for Online Course Registration *Updated on March 11, 2017
AY2017 Course List & Academic Calendar  *Updated on March 11, 2017
#AY2017 Course List of EAUI Program is available here
Details of the  “Future Leader’s Program for Regional Governance and Cooperation in Asia”  is available here [Applicable only to  the FL students]


(3)GSAPS Timetable


AY2017 Fall Term Timetable *Updated on September 8, 2017
AY2017 Winter Intensive Term Timetable (Finalized) *Updated on December 15, 2017


(4)AY2017 Fall term Information of Courses offered at Other Institutions

AY2017 Fall List of Courses offered at the other graduate schools *Updated on September 27, 2017
AY2017 Fall Registration schedule (Courses offered at the other graduate schools)  *Updated on July 13, 2017
For International students who wish to register Japanese language courses (Link to CJL website)
AY2017 Fall Registration schedule (Courses offered at CJL/GEC/Common Course among different graduate schools) *Updated on July 13, 2017