Master’s Thesis




 Procedures  Format
 Master’s Thesis Plan  Ms-WORD
 Template of Summary  Ms-WORD
 Attestation of Authorship  Ms-WORD
 Cover of thesis  Ms-WORD
 Front cover of thesis folder (for the binder)  Ms-WORD

Master’s Thesis Research Plan

Submission Timing
September Completion:March in the same year
March Completion:September in the previous year

Who to submit
Your supervisor
*The contents, deadline, and other details regarding submission should be confirmed with supervisor in advance to the designated deadline.

Download from here (Approx 3 pages. A4)

Eligibility to submit MA thesis

  1. Those who obtained/are expected to obtain the designated 22 credits
  2. Those who have submitted MA thesis research plan

Master’s Thesis Writing Guidelines

Page Layout・Language
・In Japanese or English
・Single-sided printed
・A top margin 35mm and a margin of 30mm on all remaining sides

Download a thesis cover from here and change parts in red. 

Times New Roman
10.5 point

Word Count
About 8,500 words excluding the title, table of contents, a list of reference and space
*Put the count in the designated section on the front cover.

How to prepare
Refer to the list of items below, bind the documents in a folder, and stick cover sheets on the front and the spine respectively.
*2 hole binder recommended (purchasable at the CO-OP)
The sample is available here (pictures) and in the Office/the GSAPS Library (Floor 8).

*Make sure to seek instruction from your supervisor regarding how to write a thesis and other academic matters.


A4・1page・1,400 words (about)
Download the format from here

Items to be submitted

Documents Copy
Blank paper+Summary+Blank paper+Cover+Thesis+Blank paper
※Bind the documents in an above mentioned order. 
1 (Original)
2 (Sub)
Summary (Another separated copy for 「Master’s Thesis Summary」) 1
Attestation of Authorship 1

PDF and Word files (USB/CD-R) of thesis and summary
【Title of File】Thesis:Student ID number<ex:40XXR001> Summary:Student ID number +-S<ex:40XXR001-S>
※Only the first 8 digits. No other information (name or date) should be included.
※Put your name and student ID number on USB/CD-R(Case and CD-R)
※The Office does not edit the files. Submit them after confirming everything is perfect.
※Make one digital file respectively for thesis and summary.


Word and PDF for thesis and summary

Check before submission!

・Are the titles written on the thesis and summary exactly same? (Upper/lowercase letters/-,; etc)
・Are the names of supervisor/deputy-supervisor correct?
・Can the files of thesis/summary be opened without problem?
・Have both PDF and Word files been prepared?
・Was the front cover of thesis folder (front and back) stack to properly?
・Have the files been saved for your own record? (As a rule, the Office does not return the data.)



March 15, 2018 Completion
Date Procedure
September 28, 2017 Submission deadline of Master’s thesis plan by the Project Advisor to the GSAPS Office
November 15, 2017 Announcement of the deputy-examiner
January 11, 2018 ・Master’s thesis submission deadline by the Project Advisor to the GSAPS office. Please check with your Project Advisor for the pre-submission deadline fixed by him / her.
・Announcement of timetable for Master Program’s Final Examinations
(Posted on the bulletin board and Website)
January 12 – January 26, 2018 Thesis screening period
January 27, 2018 Final Oral Examination
March 14, 2018 Examination Result Announcement
March 24, 2018 (Tentative) Commencement Ceremony


See here for the schedule for September 2018 and March 2019 completion

Master’s Thesis Examiners

Master’s thesis examiners: one chief examiner and two deputy-examiners.

Criteria for Master’s Theses at the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies    (September 18th 2014, uploaded)                  

  1.  Originality and insightfulness of perspective, methodology, content, and conclusion
  2.  Appropriateness and importance of thesis topic
  3.  Appropriateness of structure of thesis for addressing the thesis topic
  4.  Effective use of existing research and contribution to the field
  5.  Appropriate substantiation of data and materials
  6.  Strength and persuasiveness of argumentation in the development of the thesis
  7.  Accurateness, appropriateness and completeness in the use of terminology and concepts
  8.  Clarity and accurateness of language
  9.  Accurateness, appropriateness, and completeness of quotations, citations, use of materials and structure of the bibliography
  10.  Excellence of thesis as a contribution to the fields of Area Studies, International Relations, and/or International Cooperation / Policy Studies


  1. Consult with your supervisor for details on research plan and thesis submission.
  2. The date and schedule of oral examination will be notified on the notification board/MyWaseda.
  3. Thesis and summary will become available in the GSAPS library.
  4. School Policy on “Plagiarism” in Term Paper and Thesis