Master’s Thesis Research Plan and Master’s Thesis



Master’s Thesis Research Plan

Submission Timing
September Completion:March in the same year
March Completion:September in the previous year

Who to submit
Your supervisor
*The contents, deadline, and other details regarding submission should be confirmed with supervisor in advance to the designated deadline.

Download from here (Approx 3 pages. A4)

Eligibility to submit MA thesis

  1. Those who obtained/are expected to obtain the designated 22 credits
  2. Those who have submitted MA thesis research plan

Master’s Thesis Examiners

Master’s thesis examiners: one chief examiner and two deputy-examiners.

Criteria for Master’s Theses at the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies                  

  1.  Originality and insightfulness of perspective, methodology, content, and conclusion
  2.  Appropriateness and importance of thesis topic
  3.  Appropriateness of structure of thesis for addressing the thesis topic
  4.  Effective use of existing research and contribution to the field
  5.  Appropriate substantiation of data and materials
  6.  Strength and persuasiveness of argumentation in the development of the thesis
  7.  Accurateness, appropriateness and completeness in the use of terminology and concepts
  8.  Clarity and accurateness of language
  9.  Accurateness, appropriateness, and completeness of quotations, citations, use of materials and structure of the bibliography
  10.  Excellence of thesis as a contribution to the fields of Area Studies, International Relations, and/or International Cooperation / Policy Studies


  1. Consult with your supervisor for details on research plan and thesis submission.
  2. The annoucement of Master’s thesis examiners’ list and the schedule of oral examination will be notified on the notification board/MyWaseda.
  3. Thesis and summary will become available in the GSAPS library.
  4. School Policy on “Plagiarism” in Term Paper and Thesis