GSAPS Library

Library -Asia-Pacific Library (Floor 8, Building No.19)-


1. Library Hours

  • Weekday Hours: 09:10-21:00
  • Saturday Hours: 09:10-18:00

For Summer term, vacations and other term breaks, please refer to the bulletin board for details.

Closed: Sundays, National holidays (except April. 29th, December 23rd), Anniversary of the University Founding (October. 21st), Special Summer vacation, Year-end and Start-of-the year weeks, and Saturdays during vacations

2. Admittance

  1. Students, faculty/administrative staff of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS)
  2. Students, faculty/administrative staff of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (WIAPS)
  3. Students of the Graduate School, faculty/administrative staff of the Waseda University, people introduced by other institutions who have a permission from the GSAPS’s authorities

3. Entrance and Exit

Please pass through the designated gate. BDS (Electronic security device) is equipped.

4. Basic Concept of the Library

  • We focus on utilization more than preservation of library resources.
  • Availability of materials at the Library is considered most important. Therefore, only over-night check-out and week-end check-out are allowed.
  • We are making efforts to improve digital resources.
  • General books are kept in the Takata Research Library after purchase. Users are also expected to use other libraries such as the Central Library.

5. Collections

  1. Course-recommended books as listed in the GSAPS syllabus (arranged by the course code, each program, during the term)
  2. Reference materials
  3. Journals
  4. Newspapers (in the Room 810)

6. Regulations for Using Materials

  • Course-recommended books can be checked out. Notices are posted on the bulletin board.

7. Photocopy

A copy machine is located in the Library and costs 10 yen per copy. A copy card (¥1,000) vending machine is located on the 8th floor’s Common Room.

8. Miscellaneous

  • Personal computers, either Library computers or one’s own computer, can be used in the Library.
  • When requesting materials from the Library, please submit Request Form to the Library Office.
  • Request for Takata Library is available also by E-mail ([email protected]). Notices are posted on the bulletin board.
  • Speaking, keeping seats, drinking (bottled drinks with lids are allowed), eating, and smoking are not permitted.
  • Efficient databases are available also from “Access to Academic Information ” of the Waseda University Library.